The Case of the Missing Case by John Zakour

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Previously… Zach showed up at the gym where Carol is boxing…

Episode 22

Carol stands up and pounds her boxing gloves together just to let the ref, the onlookers and her beefy opponent know she is ready and means action. Carol smiles as she moves forward towards her opponent. The big lady boxer takes a step backwards. She apparently wasn’t ready for Carol to not only shake off her last blow so effortlessly but to also jump back on the offense so quickly.

Well Zach? Do I make this go a bit longer, work up a little more sweat or do you want me to put this gal down now?”

We really need to talk, Carol….”

Got it!”

HARV appears next to me wearing shorts and an old fashioned sleeveless white t-shirt. He has a whistle around his neck. Turning to me, “I just love watching Carol fight. It’s both so primal and evolved.”

Even without using her psi powers, Carol is a formable foe. She may look like a swimsuit model but she hits like a sledgehammer. Yeah, not a very eloquent comparison but it’s the truth. Carol’s opponent seems to sense this. She throws a massive right roundhouse that Carol easily ducks under. The big lady though, is faster and smarter than she looks. Apparently, she had been expecting Carol to duck under her blow as she follows the punch with a hard knee to Carol’s midsection.

The onlookers and I cringe.

“Well at least she didn’t hit those beautiful breasts of hers!” a random onlooker notes.

The big lady boxer prepares for a finishing blow, an elbow to the back but before she finishes the move Carol slips behind the woman. Carol locks the woman’s neck with her right arm and presses her head forward with her left arm. It’s a classic sleeper hold. The big woman struggles for maybe a second as Carol tightens her grip. I see the big gal’s eyes roll to the back of her head. She goes limp falling back, supported by Carol’s weight. Carol eases the woman to the ground.

“Sleep well, Betty. You deserve it for a great fight!” Carol tells her. Carol looks at the guy who made the comment about her breast. “You pass out too!”

The guy falls over.

Carol slides out of the ring to where I am standing. She wipes a bit of sweat off her head. “I just love a good fight.” She looks at me. “Shall we go some place quiet to talk or do you want me to quiet this place?” Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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