The Case of the Missing Case by John Zakour

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Previously… Zach headed to talk Carol.

Episode 21

These days of mass hover transit and self-driving cars means the squeaky clean streets of New Frisco are never really congested. Therefore, HARV and I make good time to Arnold’s Platinum Plus Gym. The gym itself is a throwback to the old days. No fancy anti-grav weights or holographic trainers or sparring partners. Just scores and scores of good old fashion metal weights and bars for as far as the eye can see. There are also a few boxing rings in the middle of the dimly lit building. It’s midday so the joint isn’t nearly full. There are maybe twenty men and women lifting weights, doing pull ups. Still the place smells like it is packed with two-day old socks.

“Man I’m glad I don’t have a sense of smell,” HARV tells me.

It’s not hard to spot Carol; she is up on one of the boxing rings going toe to toe with a big muscular lady with a crew cut. More people in the gym are actually watching Carol and the big gal than lifting weights or working out. Yeah, Carol who is fighting in short shorts and a halter really has a way of attracting a crowd. Carol has the woman backed into a corner, despite the fact that the woman is a good 5 centimeters taller and packs at least 50 more kilos of muscle than Carol.

I squeeze into a spot along the ring.

Carol notices me and gives me a slight nod of recognition.

We need to talk!” I think to her.

The big lady hits her with a right cross to the chin. Carol falls to the mat.

A short but thick man who had been refereeing the fight steps between the two women.

“One,” the man says.

Carol props herself up on a knee. “I’m fine she tells the ref…” Looking over at me. “Do I need to finish this fight fast?” Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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  1. Great episode 21 and I can’t get any farther same thing with the raven haired rogue

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