Angels and Demons by Raelynn Hesh

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In the previous episode… Lucifer and Raphael learn they aren’t the only ones who have come back to Heaven. They must watch their backs if they hope to succeed and return to their “normal” lives.

Episode 19

After walking around for hours, Lucifer and Raphael found Jasper sitting on a cloud writing. Not sure how he would react they decided to catch him off guard. Raphael went around in front of him while Lucifer took the back. Surprisingly, Jasper looked as if he had been expecting them. He jumped down, informed them that he wouldn’t be stopped this time and took off. Lucifer finally understood how Jasper must feel. First he loses the love of his life and then his friends betrayed him for their own selfish reasons. Lucifer then decided to help Jasper for real this time.

Having lived through all this before, Lucifer knew exactly where to find Jasper and ran to catch up with him. When he got there the portal was already open and Jasper was about to jump through. Lucifer grabbed him and pulled him back apologizing for the past. Lucifer asked Jasper to let him prove his loyalty by going and getting Marcel himself and bring her back for Jasper. Jasper was glad to have his friend back agreed.

Lucifer prepared himself to go through the portal. Since he wasn’t a messenger like Jasper, he needed help to find his way through the portal. He called on the witches for a potion to guide him through the portal to Marcel. They agreed and an hour later he was on his way to Hell.

Lucifer thought the feeling of drifting in between worlds was exhilarating. He had never felt so free in his life. Everything was quiet; he had to keep his eyes closed because everything moved so fast. When he opened his eyes he was at the end of a peer and next to it sat an old wooden rowboat. Scared but ready to bring this journey to an end, he got on and the boat started moving all by itself then rested at the shore with Marcel waiting eagerly. He helped her on to the boat and was just about to head back when the water started rising, the shore was engulfed in flames and there was nowhere to go. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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