The Case of the Missing Case by John Zakour

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Previously… Zach learned his assistant Carol is the one who accused Sexy of being an alien.

Episode 20

I have HARV bring my slightly modified 1973 mustang convertible to World Council HQ. I also have Helena tell security to clear my car for approach to the building. I certainly didn’t want security blowing away my classic beauty. I need to get to Ar-nold’s gym to see why Carol thinks Sexy Sprockets might be an alien. And more importantly why Carol didn’t clue me in on her concerns.

“Helena, how can you trust this oaf?” Liz Lazer asks. “I mean come on, he’s been known to wear a freaking fedora…”

Okay, before I head off to talk to Carol I need to finish my business here. Yeah, I can understand Liz holding a grudge against me. But nobody gives me a hard time about the fedora.”

HARV, you can put a shield over me to reflect Liz’s laser blasts. Right?”

I believe so as long as she doesn’t shoot for your head…”

I knew Liz’s MO, if I got her pissed she would blast me with a laser from her eye, but she would aim for my mid section. It’s a lot bigger target than my head, plus her boss would be upset if she killed me. Liz might have hated me but she respected Helena more.

I turn and point at Liz. “Listen you half bit bodyguard, I am more than capable of doing my job and your job.”

“Wait? What?” Liz barks.

I give her a little shrug. “By me doing this, I am essentially making your boss safer, therefore I am doing your job for you!”

Liz’s eyes glow red. I feel my body tingle. I take this to mean HARV is augmenting my under armor. Bolts of energy beam out Liz’s eyes towards my chest. The beams reflect back into Liz’s shoulder. She pulls back in pain.

“Son of a female cloned dog….” She screams.

“Like I said, more than capable!” I say as I head out of the room.

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