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Previously… Vera comes up with a last-minute mother-daughter idea.

Episode 20

The robe was gone. What were she and Drea going to do for the mother-daughter runway competition?

Vera stared at the rack where the white robe was supposed to be. That was the main piece of her costume. All she had underneath was a black top and pants. Then, she looked down at Drea’s face, which looked like a sad puppy dog. All Drea had wanted was to feel normal during this mother-daughter weekend, and now they were going to be humiliated by not having a runway theme. God, thought Vera. Letting a child down makes you feel like such a villain.

Then, it dawned on her.


The competition was underway, with Vera and Drea up next to grace the stage.

“Presenting our fourth mother-daughter duo. . .” Louise, the MC, paused to be handed a piece of paper, indicating the theme change. “Cruella De Vil and one of the 101 Dalmations!”

Vera and Drea emerged, donning what could be called “Disney couture.” Vera had found another coat in the closet, just as big as the white robe, but a black-and-white-fur creation similar to the Disney villainess’s. She threw it over her black ensemble and tossled her hair. Meanwhile, Drea ditched the boring “Christina” jumper for a black petticoat she dug out of the theater closet; it acted as a skirt and went perfectly with her white blouse. On her head, she fastened a black bow, serving as “dog ears.”

But for as much craftiness this quick change required, the adrenaline was putting them over the top in terms of attitude. Both were angry about what had happened to the white robe, so they wore catwalk scows that provided an air of confidence. As she strutted, Vera noticed that the people in the audience looked too afraid to applaud. She also noticed that Drea was having even more fun with this than she was, bringing her knees up high with each step and tilting her head with sass as if she were alone in her room.

Backstage after the runway walk, Drea’s tough demeanor subsided. She squealed with delight.

“That was awesome!” she said. “Quick thinking on your part.”

“What about you?” asked Vera. “Your attitude was so on point. I thought you were Heidi Flume.”

“I think you mean Klum.”

“Oh. Right.”

Brittany walked by.

“Guys, you did great!” she said. “I really loved your concept.”

Instead of insulting Brittany to sound cool, which is something she’d previously done, Drea relaxed her face and she smiled. “Thanks! Can’t wait to see yours!”

Brittany smiled and went to get ready.

Drea looked to Vera in acknowledgement and Vera gave her a thumbs-up.

“I know you’re not really my mom,” she whispered, “but after this, could I call you from time to time? Just to chat.”

“Of course.”

Drea hugged Vera and then ventured into the audience to watch the rest of the presentation.

Vera looked down at her front pocket where her phone was nestled. She couldn’t believe the experience she’d just been through and she knew there was one person who’d want to hear all about it. 

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