The Case of the Missing Case by John Zakour

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Previously… Helena Gevada resists giving Zach more information.

Episode 19

“Let me zap him please,” Liz Lazer begs Helena. “It will put him in his place a little. Plus it will be fun!”

I knew there was no appealing to Liz’s common sense. After all she held a grudge against me for making her look bad a few years ago. DOS I was just doing my job. But bodyguards tend to take these things more personally than normal people.

I suggest you concentrate on Helena,” HARV tells me.

Turning towards Helena while still keeping one eye on Liz, I decide to go after Helena’s ego. “I get it Helena you’re jealous that Sexy a bimbo, ex-teen-pop-mega star, has become more popular than you, a seasoned, intelligent, caring politician.”

“One Zap!” Liz coaxes.

Helena holds up a hand and she actually looks at me, her eyes lower when she says, “I admit I am perplexed by how freaking popular she is. I mean come on I know the public is shallow. But come on!”

In my softest most concerned voice I say, “I want to help, after all what’s good for you is good for Electra. But for me to do my job I need to talk to your source…”

Helena looks away and exhales. “It’s Carol,” she mumbles…

“Excuse me?” I say.

“She said it’s Carol you bumbling idiot!” Liz Lazer yells. “You know, your faithful assistant…”

“I know who Carol is!” I tell Liz. Turning back to Helena. “Why wouldn’t Carol tell me this?”

Helena shrugs. “No idea…she may want more evidence before she comes to you.”

“She probably thinks you are an oaf and would tip your hand to a potential alien invader!” Liz remarks.

Liz, will not be joining the Zachary Nixon Johnson fan club any time soon,” HARV says.

“So that’s why Carol is on vacation now! She is looking into Sexy!” I say. “HARV do you know where Carol is now?”

HARV nods. “Of course I do. She is at her daily workout at Arnold’s Platinum Plus Gym…” Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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