The Case of the Missing Case by John Zakour

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Previously… Helena Gevada hires Zach to find out if Sexy Sprockets is an alien.

Episode 18

“Okay, Helena I am now officially on the case,” I tell her as we finally reach her desk.

Her chair rolls behind the desk. Helena starts looking at some of the images and data scrolling across her desk screen. She shoos me away without even looking up. “Okay, go, go do your job…”

I lean on her desk. “Actually, I want to start by talking with you.” It occurs to me that due to Sexy’s fast rise to power, Helena could actually be jealous of her. Of course I wasn’t going to say that outright.

She looks at me with her eyes, without moving her head. It’s a bit unnerving. “Zachary, I am the client. I have hired you.”

I nod. “Yes, that’s why I need to know what makes you suspect Sexy.”

A side door (that I hadn’t noticed) pops open. Helena’s personal bodyguard, Liz Lazer walks into the room and storms towards us. She was a short woman with short blonde hair and a shorter temper, which wouldn’t be that bad except she can generate lasers from her eyes. “Helena, ma’am I know you wanted to handle this alone…but I feel Johnson has become even more annoying than normal.”

“Look for me to do my job properly I need more 411…”

Liz and Helena just look at me with eyes wide open.

HARV appears from my wrist communicator. “He means information…”

“Let me zap him just for talking so crazily,” Liz pleads.

Alright, they weren’t going to be forthcoming with the info I need. Still, if this case was going to go anywhere I had to learn more. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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