The Case of the Missing Case by John Zakour

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Previously… Helena Gevada tells Zach she suspects Sexy Sprockets is an alien.

Episode 17

“So Zach, will you work for me and your planet?” Helena asks me leaning back in her robotic chair that is rolling her to her desk. “If Sexy is an alien or under alien control we can’t have her on the World Council…”

“She did win the election fair and square…” I point out. It’s a bit of effort to keep pace with Helena and her chair. “You could also stop your chair while we chat…”

Helena shakes her head as she motors towards her desk. “Zach my boy, I am a busy World Council member who may be on to a an alien in World Council, I don’t have time to stop. I’ve already been delayed enough from dealing with you.”

“Yet, now you want to hire me….” I note.

She shrugs. “I’m trying to make the best out of an awkward situation…”

“I feel for you, I really do….” I say with as little emotion as I can.

“Zach, it’s not good to spite the hand that is offering to feed you.”

HARV appears in my wrist communicator. “Zach, think about her offer,” he coaxes. “We’re not exactly flush with cash right now. Plus if Sexy truly is an alien we can’t have her on the Council.”

“Listen to your computer, Zachary.”

I’m not thrilled about spying on Sexy after all she is a client and as weird as it seems also a friend.

HARV projects himself from my communicator. “Helena, would you consider offering Zach twice his normal rate?”

Helena nods. “I’m a high ranking member of World Council. Money is of course no object.”

I think a bit more. If I don’t do this somebody else will. Somebody who quite frankly isn’t as good as I am.

“Fine, I’ll do it under one condition. If I find Sexy is just a regular crazy human you will apologize to her.”

“Publicly?” Helena asks.

I know enough not to push it. “Nah, private works…”

Helena offers her hand to me. “It’s a deal… Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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