Angels and Demons by Raelynn Hesh

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Previously… Knowing they don’t have much time left, Raphael goes to the witches for help. What they decide is nothing Raphael could have ever imagined.

Episode 18

Lucifer fell to the ground with a hard thump and Raphael followed moments later. As they picked themselves up off the ground they were stunned to see that they had traveled back to an hour before they had been exiled. When they turned around they could see Jasper about to make his way through the portal. Though everyone assumed he was just doing his job, Lucifer and Raphael knew that wasn’t the case.

The plan was to tell Gabriel, the head angel, what was going on so that when Jasper came through the portal with Marcel, Gabriel could stop him. On the way to see Gabriel, Lucifer and Raphael passed by God, and instead of feeling anger and hatred, Lucifer felt nothing but sorrow for the pain he had caused and the time he had missed.

When they reached Gabriel, Lucifer forgot everything as he ran to hug him and beg for forgiveness. Raphael jumped to grab him before they had to explain Lucifer’s weird behavior. Raphael reminded Lucifer why they were there and proceeded to tell Gabriel what Jasper was up to. Wanting to see for themselves, the three of them went to the portal to wait for Jasper to return.

To their surprise, Jasper came back alone. Not understanding why, they asked permission to question Jasper. With Gabriel’s permission they led Jasper off to Lucifer’s house. He couldn’t understand why his friends would turn him in. Lucifer explained to Jasper everything that had happened and how they had traveled back in time to change the present. There wasn’t much more they could do without evidence so they let Jasper go with a warning that they would be watching him.

Later, Lucifer and Raphael received a message from the witches that Jasper had returned with them and was trying to expose them. They warned them to be careful and to not trust anyone. With that, they decided to find Jasper and have a very different conversation with him. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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