The Case of the Missing Case by John Zakour

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Previously… Zach tricked his way to Helena’s Gevada door but then security noticed him and unleashed the hounds

Episode 15

I glance at the metallic dogs rushing at me, drawing nearer and nearer. I move my wrist in just that right way that makes my Colt-4000-V pop into my hand. I don’t want to destroy the dogs because I know the world council will bill me for them.

Luckily for me my gun and I are both connected to HARV. “HARV I just want to disable the bots…


I fire twice. An electronic bolt hits the lead dog on the shoulder; the e-dog crackles with electricity then falls to the ground twitching. The second bolt hits the trailing e-dog right between its red eyes. The bot stops in its tracks, sputters and then drops.

The door to the office pops open. Helena stands in the doorway frowning. She is a tall commanding woman confident enough to let her hair go gray. Her steely green eyes glance down the hallway at the convulsing e-dogs. “Zach, my dear boy, to what do I owe the ‘pleasure’?” She says to me as straight-faced as only a seasoned politician can. “How nice that you were able to exercise enough constraint not to blow up the dogs…”

“Yeah, they’ll be reusable…”

I notice about a dozen human and android security guards coming at me from both sides of the hallway. They have heavy weapons drawn. At least a dozen red targeting dots appear on my body. I drop my weapon without being told.

Pointing to the guards, “Helena, call off your two-legged dogs before this gets ugly…”

“Zachary I know you are good, but I am fairly certain you can’t take out a dozen heavily armed and armored guards, especially since they already have you in their sights…”

HARV can you get a force field around me before the guards blow me away?”

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