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Previously… Vera won the coveted white robe in a tug-of-war match.

Episode 19

When Vera finally got to the front of the line and grasped the white robe in her hand, someone else pulled on it at the same time. She looked to her left and spotted Charlotte.

“I had this first,” Charlotte said.

“Actually, I did,” said Vera. Although she wasn’t entirely sure this was true. All she knew was that Charlotte was giving her a look that made her want to rebel.

Vera gave the robe a tug. Charlotte tugged it back. They both started pulling on it before Vera finally won it, the garment snapping at her like a towel in a locker room.

Charlotte let out a hmph, then politely walked away.

“You got it!” said Drea.

“I can’t believe I just did that.” Vera stared in awe at the robe in her arms. She’d never been so aggressive. Did this make her a stage mom?

Vera and Drea spent the rest of the afternoon putting together their runway outfits for the big competition at 3.

“I’ll wear a blonde wig and a maroon jumper,” said Drea. “That’ll work for Christina.”

“Sounds good.” Vera would proudly don the white robe she won in a game of tug of war, complete with a white turban covering her hair.

As all of the mothers and daughters worked on their outfits, Louise and other camp crew members helped decorate the stage with streamers and lights for the runway presentation. In order to figure out the lighting situation, Louise would demurely pose and pretend she was in a photo shoot to make sure the spotlight would hit her in just the right way.

Vera sighed. This was the queerest thing she’d ever done.

She looked over at Drea, who was suddenly quiet.

“You ready?” said Vera.

“I think,” she said. “Just nervous. People from nearby camps are going to be here.” Just as she said this, one of the crew members started putting out folding chairs in a row.

Yikes, thought Vera. Even she could feel her palms start to sweat.

Backstage at 2:30, Vera and Drea started the makeup process, with Drea drawing distinct eyebrows on Vera’s face with eyeliner. Vera peered around at the other mothers and daughters backstage who were doing the same, helping beautify each other—although watching these women assist one another was a beautiful process in and of itself. Suddenly, Vera felt like she was part of a cool culture that had always been foreign to her.

The audiences started to fill with campers, and even though they were half her age, the teenage boys in the crowd made Vera more nervous than anything else. Maybe because she remembered them being a tough demo to crack when she was their age.

Vera and Drea were fourth in line to do the runway, with Stephen King’s Carrie and Margaret White going ahead of them.

Vera went to put on the white robe she had hanging on a rack, since it was too hot to wear the whole time in the summer heat, but it was gone.

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