The Case of the Missing Case by John Zakour

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Previously… Zach used a holographic disguise to get this far…

Episode 14

I stand in the hallway right outside of Helena Gevada’s office. Yeah, she may be my future mother in-law but she’s not a big fan. Somehow she thinks her beautiful doctor daughter who heals sick kids can do better than the last freelance gumshoe on Earth. Guess I can’t really totally blame her. After all, how many moms want their daughters with a guy who has to fend off attacks on his life at least once a week? Still, I’m a good guy. Hell, I’ve saved the world a bunch of times. DOS, I’m doing it now.

So, you’re pondering what your mom in-law to be thinks of you…” HARV says in my head.


Zach, as little as she thinks of you believe me she thinks less of Sexy, drop the disguise you will be better off…”

Okay HARV, drop the hologram…”

The world shimmers in front of me. I can only assume I look like me again.

Instantly, an alarm starts clanging. The lights in the hallway turn red and flash. The wall screens all have the words, “warning warning warning surrender now intruder…” scrolling across them. The word intruder is replaced by Zachary Nixon Johnson.

A familiar voice from a show I used to love announces, “Unleash the hounds…”

From down the hallway I see a slit in the wall slide open. Two metal Dobermans start rushing towards me.

“Okay, maybe I was wrong about this all….” HARV says. He appears next to me and shakes his head. “It’s so unlike me to be wrong. I guess when it comes to how much people despise you, even I have a hard time computing that…” He looks around. “Impressive security after all…”

I look at the dogs and back at the door. “Is Helena in her office?”

HARV crosses his arms. “You really should have checked on that before coming all this way but yes according to her calendar and my scans she is…”

I turn and bang on the door. “Helena! Please call off your e-dogs and let me in! I swear this is important!”

Nothing…the dogs are so close I can hear the patter of their little robotic feet on the floor. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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