The Case of the Missing Case by John Zakour

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Previously… Zach wants to learn what Helena Gevada knows about this missing nuclear suitcase.

Episode 13

“So Ms. Sexy, since I can’t take you to Ms. Gevada’s floor, which floor would you like to go to?” the elevator asks.

I could try reasoning with it,” I think to HARV.

Zach, it’s an elevator, it has one simple task and listening to logic and reason isn’t built into its skill set…Let me try to hack it…”

I feel guilty relying on you so much, HARV…”

Oh come on Zach, you’re a human; you all are totally reliant on us. DOS, most of you can’t remember how to flush a toilet…”

Just do it, HARV!”


Zach be patient…”

I feel the elevator start to descend.

The elevator door opens. I walk out into the 13th floor hallway. There are no doors within sight. Just marble floors and computer screen walls that are cycling through images of how great everything is, thanks especially to Helena Gevada.

Helena’s office is on the left side, half way down the hall,” HARV tells me.

No security on the floor itself?”

There are cameras and laser turrets every 10 feet, Zach… Plus the floor can be electrocuted so only people with special insoles in their shoes can walk on it. In addition to that the vents can funnel gas into the hallway…”

Continuing down the hall. “Okay so there is SOME security….”

Zach you do realize that Sexy Sprockets is one person your mother in-law probably despises even more than you… You may want to drop the cover…” Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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