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Previously… Vera tags Cassandra in Hide and Seek.

Episode 18

Vera spotted Cassandra hiding behind a garbage can. She pondered for a moment whether succeeding in Hide and Seek would further alienate her and Drea from the others, but she quickly discarded that thought and went for the big win.

“Tag!” she yelled, bursting into Cassandra’s space like a pin popping a balloon.

Cassandra simply stood up, sighed, and walked toward home base. She didn’t even make eye contact with Vera.

The group congregated. Drea, too, had tagged someone out, and her outed member, like Cassandra, also looked as if she had just spent the night sleeping outside next to dog excrement.           

“Maybe we should call it a night,” said Cassandra. “It’s getting kinda late.”

Vera looked down at her watch. “It’s 8:30.” Plus, this had been her idea.

“We have to get ready for the competition tomorrow, anyway,” said Charlotte.

The group dispersed, leaving Drea and Vera alone with only the evening chirping.


The next morning, as Louise was readying the theater closet for the runway competition, Vera and Drea ate breakfast alone while the other girls and their mothers sat at another table.“That was weird last night,” said Drea, scooping Cheerios into her spoon. “I don’t think it was anything you did.” Vera cut into her grapefruit.

Drea detected the emphasis on you. “Did you do something?”

“They don’t like me. I overheard them.”

“Why don’t they like you?”

“They think I’m a crappy mother to you.”

“Oh, man,” said Drea. “I’m sorry. You’re not even my mother.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“Don’t you care that they don’t like you?”

“I don’t know,” said Vera, before savoring a piece of fruit. “Women are weird.”

We’re women.”

“Yeah, but I’m more comfortable with our weirdness. So what are you thinking for the outfits?”

“You have the hair for Joan,” said Drea, meaning Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest. “But I was wondering if we should do Joan with a white cloak and white hair piece covering it up. Like in this pic.” Via her phone, Drea pulled up a photo of Faye Dunaway as Ms. Crawford.

“Oh, I love that.”

“So we’d need, like, a white robe.”

Just then, Louise and her big blonde hair made an announcement.

“The theater closet is now open. The show’s at 3. Dig through it and pick out what you want for the competition.”

“Let’s head over,” said Vera.

Of course, all of the other mothers and daughters had the same idea, so there was a line outside of the closet. When they were three people away from the front of the line, Drea spotted it.

“Oh, I see a white robe,” said Drea. “That would be perfect.”

When they finally got to the front, Vera put her hand on the robe, but someone else was pulling on it at the same time. She looked to her left and spotted Charlotte grabbing it.

“I had this first,” said Charlotte.

Vera wasn’t usually confrontational, but she really wanted this robe, so she pulled back on it. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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