Angels and Demons by Raelynn Hesh

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In the previous episode… After his conversation with Lucifer, Raphael goes to Gusion to convince him to see Lucifer but it doesn’t go as planned.

Episode 17

Raphael didn’t know what to think, what to say. Everything so far was going horribly wrong and the answer Lucifer wanted Raphael didn’t have. What Raphael did know was that Gusion could not be trusted anymore. He needed a plan and fast. Raphael did not want to upset Lucifer anymore.

Lucifer was irate at all this information that was thrown at him. He was angry at Gusion for choosing to act like this, but could understand where he was coming from. A lot had happened lately but Lucifer would not let this go. Eventually there would be repercussions for his actions one way or another. For now, Raphael needed to find a solution to this situation and fast.

Raphael knew that in order for anything to be resolved Lucifer would have to see what Gusion had shown him and remember all that he had forgotten. Knowing Gusion wouldn’t be willing to see Lucifer, Raphael decided to ask the witches if their was another way to show Lucifer the vision without Gusion.         

Raphael excused himself from Lucifer’s home with the excuse he needed some time to think. Though Lucifer wasn’t happy knowing nothing would come from keeping him there. Raphael headed out the door to see the witches without another word and found that he was almost excited at the prospect of this new plan.

When Raphael got to Luna’s home he remembered how late it was and thought maybe he should wait till morning. To his surprise the door open so he went in.

Luna and Salem were sitting at the table as though they had been expecting him. He sat down and began to explain what was happening and what he was hoping they could do. To his surprise they agreed almost immediately. They told him to bring Lucifer to the house in the morning and that they would have everything ready. Raphael headed home glad that things were finally looking up.

In the morning Raphael woke early ready to get the day started and headed out to see Lucifer. Once there he gave no explanation he simply asked Lucifer to come with him. An hour later they arrived at Luna’s and to his surprised Lucifer looked relieved to be there.

As they entered the house, Raphael noticed that everything had been removed from the front room including the table and crystal ball. When he questioned Luna about it she simply said they wouldn’t need it. Salem sprinkled some herbs on the floor and she and Luna joined hands. It was then that Raphael understood they were making a portal.

A few minutes later the portal was complete in front of them. Luna turned and said, “It is time go through and fix what has been broken. If you succeed, all will be put right. If you fail, nothing will ever be the same.” With that Raphael and Lucifer entered the portal and it disappeared. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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