The Case of the Missing Case by John Zakour

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Previously… Zach successfully posed as Sexy Sprockets to fool the first set of guards.

Episode 9

The guard waves a meaty hand into the hover, offering it to me. “Come on Sexy let me help you!” he coaxes anxiously.

The female guard positions herself behind him leaning over to get a look into the hover, “Come on Joe, you know how Sexy loves to flirt!” she smiles.

My Sexy does have a way with people. You should take notes from her,” HARV lectures in my head.

The secret to her charms is that she lets the entire world see her charms…” I think back.

I’m not sure it’s that simple Zach. Sexy is a people person…”

Okay, so how would a sexy people person handle this? I playfully slap the guard’s hand aside and bat my eyes and smile brightly, adding a little giggle. The guard returns my smile and steps to the side, holding the door even wider open for me.

I slip out of the car and head towards Shannon Cannon. As we head towards the transport tube, I turn to the two guards and blow them each a kiss. The male guard catches my kiss and smiles. All the other guards in the area have smiles on their faces. Yep, Sexy does have a way with folks.

Shannon leans in and whispers to me, “Sexy always insists on going through the transport tube first. She thinks that makes her arrival sexier. The guards on the other side love talking to her too. Tube riders must wait three minutes between each rider. So if you go first, you’ll have three minutes there without me explaining to the guards why you aren’t talking,” she pauses, “I could call ahead…but Sexy never calls ahead…”

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