The Case of the Missing Case by John Zakour

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Previously… Zach convinced Shannon Cannon to help him get by security.

Episode 8

Sitting in the back seat of the hover next to Shannon Cannon I start running scenarios in my mind about how to deal with the human guards once we arrive at the World Council docking station.

“How much security will we have to deal with?” I ask Shannon.

“At least two human guards will greet us at the landing dock. They love talking to Sexy because she is always so flirty.” She pauses for a nano. “Then we take the shuttle to the main building where there will be at least four more human guards on the ground and drones in the air. They love talking to Sexy too.”

I nod. “So, here’s the plan. You tell them I, well Sexy, have laryngitis from singing so much during my youth. I won’t be able to talk for a day, Doctor bot’s orders…”

The landing pad comes into view. Not really much too it. It’s a big flat gray area with a bunch of human and robotic security crawling all over the place. From the air I can see the long shuttle tube connecting the landing pad to the main building, a tall shimmering windowless ivory tower.

The hovercraft lands in the center of the pad. The doors pop open. Sure enough, two blue uniformed guards, a man with a beard and a muscular blonde woman greet us.

“Nice to see you back, Sexy!” the man guard beams.

“Always a pleasure, Sexy,” the woman guard says with a wink.

I give them a sweet smile. I tilt my head towards Shannon.

“Sexy can’t talk, doctor’s orders. She needs to rest her voice due to the stress on her vocal chords…”

“Ah poor Sexy,” the male guard tells me. He reaches in an offers me his hand.

“Zach if he takes your hand he’ll have a pretty good idea you’re wearing a holographic disguise…” HARV warns.

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