The Case of the Missing Case by John Zakour

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Previously… Zach posed as Sexy Sprockets to get into the World Council HQ.

Episode 7

As the hovercraft takes to the sky Shannon repeats, “So Zach why shouldn’t I knock you out and turn you in?”

I think for a second. My first instinct is to pop my gun into my hand and blast Shannon. But it would be really helpful if I had Shannon on my side.

“You’re not going to clobber me Shannon cause you need me. You know in your heart I’m the best chance you have to find the nuclear suitcase. I’ve worked with you before Shannon. I know you care about Sexy and I know you want her to get off the hook here.”

Shannon inhales. If I didn’t sell her on my service soon she’d hit me with her toxic mutant breath. “I’m not going to kill you Zach, I’m just going to knock you out and then turn you in.”

“Shannon wait!”

She puffs a little breath at me. DOS, I should have shot her!

Much to my surprise I don’t pass out. Shannon’s eyes pop open. She’s obviously not use to her victims shaking off her breath.

“I put a little shield and filter around you,” HARV tells me. “You can thank me later…”

Yep, definitely some advantages of having a computer wired to my brain. Popping my gun into my hand, I point it as Shannon. “Now, let me explain this to you again,” I say slowly. “I’m the good guy here. I only want to help! Now will you help me help you?”

“And Sexy!” HARV adds.

“And Sexy!” I add.

Shannon lowers her eyes and turns her head away from me. “I’m sorry, Zach. I let my pride get the best of me…” She puffs out her chest. “How can I help?”

I thought for a nano. “Though I look like Sexy, I can’t talk like Sexy. So I need you to talk for me.”

Shannon lowers her head. “When we land at entry station. The guards may talk to you. Sexy loves to flirt with them. What do you want me to tell them?” Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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