The Case of the Missing Case by John Zakour

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Previously… Zach needs to figure out a way to get a face to face with his mother in-law who is on the World Council.

Episode 5

HARV and I left the restaurant and headed to my car, HARV walking beside me in holographic form. No big deal these days, many people have holographic assistants. Just none of them are as unique or as advanced as HARV.

“Zach, you do realize you can’t just show up at your mother in-law’s office right?”

“She’s a politician. I pay taxes. I’m going to marry her daughter. I expect access…”

HARV shook his balding head and gave me his patented look of disgust. “She’s your mom in-law and she doesn’t like you.”

“What makes you say that?”

“She once took a hit on you…”

I nod. “That was a test to see if I was worthy of Electra.”

“She’s had her bodyguards rough you up…”

“Making sure I’m in shape,” I say.

HARV shook his head. “Well, you are in denial… I will give you that much…” HARV sighed. He’s done that more since being hooked up to my brain. “Zach I implore you not to just show up at Helena’s office. The guards and security bots aren’t going to let you in. DOS, Zach after our last little adventure I would think they might have orders to shoot you on site.”

“Hey, I stopped a crazy council member from starting a war between the Moon and Mars. That has to count for something.”

HARV nodded. “I’m sure it does karma wise. But your mother in-law may know the truth about how you had Carol, Elena and Merinda reprogram a council member. No matter what she knows, Storm quit the world council very suddenly. Surely she suspects you. Face it Zach even in the best of situations she is never pleased to see you.” HARV paused for a nano. “Maybe you should try a new after shave…”

I had to admit it. HARV may have had a point. I wouldn’t be able to waltz right into Helena’s office. Of course that didn’t mean I didn’t have options. Thanks to HARV being in my brain and able to project holograms, I could use a holographic disguise to get in. Also the Moon has made great teleporting progress. I could have my friend Elena from the Moon teleport me in. Finally, my niece and assistant, Carol was a top notch PSI. I could call her back from her vacation and let her mind-bend me into the place. Of course Carol was Helena’s granddaughter not sure how thrilled she’d be about that…Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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