Loan Some by Megan McLachlan

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Previously… Drea wants to adapt Mommie Dearest for the runway competition.

Episode 17

Vera’s face lit up. Drea had just told her that she loves to read and wants to build their runway competition around a book. “What book?”

“I was thinking of Mommie Dearest,” said Drea. “I just watched the movie, and it’s awesome.”

Vera had never seen the film, but knew of the book and what Joan Crawford looked like. Good thing she packed eyeliner for her eyebrows. “That sounds fun.”

“Really?” Drea’s face had softened.

“Yeah.” Vera was just happy to see Drea happy. And suddenly she wondered if that’s how a lot of parents felt.


During dinner, Vera and Drea sat together, off by themselves, while the other mothers and daughters had packed themselves into a table that left little room for anyone else. Vera was fine with this, as it meant she didn’t have to engage in small talk and pretend to be Adele.

“So how did you become, you know, what you do?” asked Drea.

Vera was shocked. No loanee had ever asked her this. “Well, I used to be a librarian. Then I responded to an ad in the paper.” She paused in between chews, recalling how Drea had discovered Loan Some herself: accidentally wandering into the basement of Market Street Place. “What did you think of Loan Some?”

“I thought it was so weird,” she said. “But cool. Like, you’re really helping me this weekend. I never have anyone for parent-type events.”

“What about your grandparents?”

“Oh, they’re great,” she said. “But, you know, they’re my grandparents. I don’t know. Maybe that’s hard to understand.”

Vera actually did understand. “I didn’t meet my mom until recently. She left when I was a baby. And now.” Vera checked the time on her phone. She had two missed calls from her. “Now she won’t leave me alone.”

“That’s a good thing.”

“Is it? We’re so different. Complete opposites.”

“Who cares? She’s your mom. I wish I got the chance to know mine.”

Just then, Cassandra, who Vera recognized as one of the women who had talked about her behind her back, approached them. “We’re going to do a night game of Hide and Seek. Wanna play?”

“Sure!” Drea had responded before Cassandra had even finished her sentence.

“See ya in five outside!”

After Cassandra left, Drea turned to Vera. “They invited us. That’s a good sign!”


Not 10 minutes later, Vera found herself in the middle of a game she hadn’t played in nearly 20 years. It was she and Drea in one group, versus another consisting of mother-daughters Cassandra/Amelia and Charlotte/ Brittany.

“We’ll hide,” said Cassandra. “And you guys will find us!”

Outside, in a wooded area with trees and park benches, Vera and Drea’s group shut their eyes and counted to 30 while the other group hid. When they reached 30, they ran off in different directions.

Vera found herself behind the community building, where the only thing she could hear were crickets. She spotted Cassandra hiding behind a garbage can. Just as she was about to tag her, she had second thoughts. Would being the winner in this game make them hate her more? Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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