The Case of the Missing Case by John Zakour

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Previously… Sexy Sprockets contacted Zach about a special problem but she couldn’t tell him over the web.

Episode 2

I thought about having Sexy meet me at the library but I figured she had no idea where that was. DOS, these days most people don’t. For a moment I considered a bowling alley but not the best place to talk. Finally I told Sexy to meet me at a little 80’s restaurant called Another Brick in the Wall. It’s not only a place nobody would expect to find a world council leader but it’s just a couple blocks from my office on the Bay. To make matters even better I love their cheeseburger and fries. They still use real meat and real potatoes. Yeah it’s a little pricey but you pay for ambiance.

I walked in and took in the place. Being a bit of a fan of the old days, I loved the 80s. It was a much simpler time when everything wasn’t wired to everything else. The floors are an off white vinyl my feet stick a bit with each step. The walls are also vinyl but bright yellow tinged with a touch of grease. They are dotted with posters of 80s movies: Return of the Jedi, Pretty in Pink, Back to the Future. The lighting is cheap fluorescent the kind you can hear hum. My kind of place. I sit down at a booth and smile when I see the NO HOLOGRAMs sign.

“This is barbaric!” HARV says in my head. “Besides they mean those common holographic aids…the Bobs and Sues…Not me…

I ignore HARV just to get on his chips some.

A waitress in black leather, wearing a long blonde wig, roller-skates over to my booth. She smacks off the table just a little. Adjusting her wig, “Hi, I’m Madonna. I will be your waitress…” handing me a menu. “Will you be dining alone?”

Looking up at the doorway I see Sexy walking in. She is incognito, at least as incognito as Sexy could be. She was wearing shades and a golden pants suit. She even was carrying an old fashion leather brief case just to further the illusion. Sexy is also followed in by a tall, well built blonde. I knew this blonde to be Shannon Cannon, Sexy’s amazon mutant bodyguard.

I point them out to my waitress. “My company is here now…”

The waitress sighs. “Very well, I will bring you two more menus, we only use paper menus here…” She skates towards the back of the joint where the grill is.

Sexy and Shannon strut over checking out the digs. They sit down across from me.

“Sexy, I thought you would come alone!”

Sexy’s head tilts back then a smile of recognition crosses her face. “Oh you’re talking about Shannon. Zach you should know me. Traveling with Shannon is as alone as I get. I don’t even poop without her…”

“Sadly true,” Shannon groans.

“Oh my poop smells like Roses,” Sexy tells her. She turns to me. “Zach I have a problem. A HUGE very DANGEROUS problem…But the thing is Shannon thinks we should solve this without you. I need you to prove to me and her that I did the right thing calling you…” Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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