Angels and Demons by Raelynn Hesh

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In the previous episode… After being kidnapped Raphael wakes up to find Gusion sitting across from him with more knowledge of the past.

Episode 15

When Raphael woke Gusion was still sitting on the couch across from him. He went to the kitchen to get a drink. When he returned he told Gusion he wanted to fight and not hide. Gusion, respecting that Raphael was loyal and needed to protect Lucifer, said a few words and a door appeared. Raphael begged Gusion to come with him but afraid that Jasper would use his gifts against his friends he declined. With a final goodbye Raphael left and headed to confront the witches about what they had told Lucifer.

When Raphael got to Luna’s house it was Salem who opened the door as if she had been expecting him. When he walked in Luna was at the table waiting. Raphael and Salem walked over and joined her. In front of her was a crystal ball. Raphael began by asking why they had lied about what they had seen. Luna explained that she had been afraid of Lucifer remembering too much of what had happened and turning this small battle into a war. Though Jasper had more information and memories, they were certain he didn’t have the power or the help to do much more damage. He was more like a toddler coming to the end of his tantrum.

Once it was over they hoped he would realize it was pointless and disappear again. Not so sure they were right, Raphael asked if they had a back up plan. Luna explained that she and Salem had been working on a tracking spell. If necessary they could find Marcel and him and erase their memories like they had done with Lucifer. Raphael agreed to help them by keeping Lucifer busy while they waited to see Jasper’s next move. Luna said she would keep Raphael in the loop.

Raphael left feeling a little better and headed to his apartment. He wanted to find his phone before he went to see Lucifer. He also wanted to find a way to let Lucifer know Gusion was okay without telling him that Gusion was a coward who had faked his death and went into hiding instead of staying to help.

When Raphael unlocked his door and stepped into his apartment he found his cell phone and a note from Gusion on the counter. He had barely finished reading the note when it burst into flames creating a pile of ashes. He grabbed his phone and found he had over six hundred texts from Lucifer. Feeling bad for making him worry, Raphael headed to his apartment to let him know everything was ok.

When Raphael got to Lucifer’s apartment it took less than a second for Lucifer to answer the door but instead of greeting him with excitement and relief he got anger and fear. Lucifer then started interrogating him asking where he had been, whom he had been with, why he hadn’t answered his phone, and why it took him so long to check in. Afraid his boss’ head was going to explode, Raphael took him to the living room, poured them both drinks and began to explain. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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