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Previously… Readers voted that the mother-daughter weekend will culminate in a runway competition.

Episode 15

“Hello, everyone. So glad to have you here for mother-daughter weekend at Wildwood Camp,” said the tall blonde with the name tag “Louise” displayed above her heart. “Without further ado, we’ve decided what our big event’s gonna be.”

The room went quiet, Louise dragging out everyone’s excitement with every second she didn’t speak.

“A runway competition!” Louise threw her arms in the air, while all of the women in the room applauded. “With the theme of ‘Famous Mothers and Daughters.’” Louise went on to explain that the ladies would get to raid costume and craft closets and come up with different ideas to present for the event. All of the women around Vera buzzed.

“We should be Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian,” said Cassandra to Amelia.

Vera let out a laugh. The two eyed her like a paparazzo. Vera knew she didn’t know much about entertainment, but she suddenly wondered whether she had misunderstood the media’s representation and that the two reality stars were actually Nobel Peace Prize winners.

“They never said these famous mothers/daughters had to have done anything,” said Cassandra. Vera relaxed, knowing she hadn’t offended Cassandra and Amelia with her involuntary chuckle.

“We were thinking of Marge and Lisa Simpson” said a woman with long curly waves. “Doing something funky with our hair!” Everyone laughed.

“That’s awesome!” someone commented.

“Wait until you see ours,” Drea spoke up loudly, making sure she was heard. “Ours is so much better than that.”

This was news to Vera, who inwardly cringed at Drea’s words, despite still trying to recall who The Simpsons were. Drea’s putdown killed the optimism of the group, causing everyone to purse their lips awkwardly.

Just then, Vera felt her pocket buzz. She looked down at her phone. It was her very own Marge Simpson.

“Will you excuse me for just a moment?”

Vera went outside on the porch to answer the call.

“Mom,” she answered. “I’m working.”

“I apologize, dear,” Betsey said. “I just wanted to talk about the way things ended the other night. I’d really like to try that again. I can bring my own food this time.”

This was the last thing Vera wanted to deal with at the moment, as she was currently working on another mother-daughter relationship.

“We can talk about this later.”

“I just don’t want you to give up on giving this relationship a try.”

Vera hadn’t expected her mother to show such vulnerability.

After hanging up, Vera could hear some of the mothers talking in the doorway catty-corner from where she was standing.

  • “Can you believe she just said that?”
  • “I would be embarrassed to be seen with her.”

Vera assumed they were talking about Drea, the way she put down Brittany and tried to one-up The Simpsons idea.

  • “Just showing up here and pretending to be close to her daughter.”
  • “And the way she just answered that phone call? Who does she think she is?”

Vera gasped. They were talking about her! Her first day as a mom, and she already had other mothers judging her skills. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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