Angels and Demons by Raelynn Hesh

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Previously… Raphael hires a PI to find Jasper but does someone think he’s being too nosey?

Episode 14

After pounding on walls trying to find a way out, Raphael finally gave up. He got a bottle of water, then went to the couch to rest. He laid back and closed his eyes. He must have fallen asleep because when he opened his eyes Gusion was sitting across the room from him. Unsure of what was going on, he walked over to him to get a better look. 

“Gusion, is that really you,” Raphael asked.

“Yes, it is.“ Gusion replied.

Gusion explained how he had used pigs’ blood and a witch’s spell to fake his death and go into hiding. He then erased the minds of the people involved so there would be no one to question. He had been here in hiding ever since, going out only for emergencies and only as someone else.

Raphael was still confused about why he felt he needed to go into hiding in the first place. Rather than try explaining in words Raphael would understand, Gusion showed him what happened all those years ago. As they grabbed hands the vision began.

First, there was a flash and Lucifer and Jasper playing together as children running and laughing through a marble hallway. Then they were standing next to God at their wing ceremony. As time moved forward, Raphael watched as the boys went from happy, inspired young men to envious adults. Together they schemed to take down their father. However, a week before they were to put their plan into action, Jasper met Marcel and his feelings changed. He no longer wanted to take over Heaven; he just wanted to be with Marcel. Raphael watched anger fill Jaspers eyes as God refused Marcel.

After that, Jasper decided he would get Lucifer to help him in rescuing Marcel. If Lucifer could distract God while Jasper slipped Marcel in to Heaven, then he could hide her and they could be together. But on the day the plan was supposed to be put in motion, Lucifer thinking his friend had gone weak, decided to take heaven for himself. As Jasper went through the portal to hell to get Marcel, Lucifer told God. As he looked for a way to stop Jasper, Lucifer struck and the war began.

To his surprise, God was waiting for him, as he knew what they had planned. He used his power to shed light on all those who were not true and he cast them down from Heaven to live as vampires among the humans. As they went through the portal their memories were erased of all that had happened that day and Lucifer forgot Jasper. Since Jasper had already gone through the portal willingly, his memory was left in tact and he had fought for revenge since.

The vision ended and Raphael and Gusion collapsed back on to the couch. Raphael fought through the woozy feeling in his head as he tried to form a question as to what they had just seen. Unable to believe what he had seen, he shook his head and fell unconscious. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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