The Raven Haired Rogue by John Zakour, Illustrated by John Dallaire

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Previously… Zach confronted councilman Sam Storm and Storm did not take to well to being called a murderer.

Episode 44

“So what’s it like to be bionic?” I casually ask Storm while I weigh my options. “BTW, I hope you weren’t bionic during you playing days cause that would, one, be cheating and two, be kind of sad cause you weren’t that good…”

Storm laughs and shakes his head (and me a bit in the process). “To answer your questions in reverse order, the bionics are a result of my playing career and I really do enjoy being bionic.” He pauses for a moment to reflect. “At first I thought I’d miss my original arms but I’ll tell you something Zach. Mind if I call you Zach?”

I shrug. “I’m cool with that…”

“Well Zach, I was special before the bionics but the bionics made me more special. They took a new perfect human specimen and made it better,” the not so good councilman rambles.

“I’m happy for you,” I tell him. “I truly am. But what is this all leading to?”

“Please Mr. Johnson,” he smiles. “I was building up to my point…but if you insist in rushing the process…”

Storm tosses me a good six meters through the air. I hit the ground with a hard thump.

“Well you have confirmed he is bionic,” HARV tells me.

I get up and spit some dirt out of my mouth.

HARV, how’s Elena coming tracking down that programmer?”

“Do you mean Sid Finch?”

“Yes of course I do!”

“She says she will have something soon,” HARV informs me as Storm storms towards me.

Good,” I tell him. “Not sure how long I can keep this up, without shooting him and shooting a councilman without proof would not be a good career move.”

Zach do you want my help?” Carol asks mentally.

Not yet, this is between the councilman and me. I am going to try to get him to brag about his motive. I got a better chance if he thinks he’s about to kill me….”

Storm punches a clenched fist into his palm. “This is going to feel so good, beating you!” He laughs.

Taking a fighting stance I taunt, “Better politicians than you have tried…”

Storm takes a big lumbering swing at me. I see it coming from a kilometer away and duck under it. I pounce up and clock him with an upper cut to the jaw. He rocks back like one of those old rock em sock em robots. I do so love when that happens. I could hit him with a combination to put him down, but I don’t because I need him to talk. I want him angry but thinking he has the upper hand.

Zach, I just learned something interesting about the not so good councilman,” HARV tells me as I watch Storm stagger back.

You gonna tell me, HARV?”

He has been in top secret talks with World News Right Now… it looks like he’s planning on becoming a news reporter.”

Storm recovers his balance and then staggers forward throwing a bionic right cross at me, which I easily block. That’s one of the advantages of having underarmor and a computer wired to my brain. I can take more damage than the average Joe. From the look on Storm’s face I can tell he’s surprised I stopped his blow so easily. As Storm’s blow failed it to hit something clicked in my brain. I knew what Storm was up to…he didn’t just want to start a war between the Moon and Mars. He wanted to start a war and then cover for the news. So this would be a win win for him. Of course, no way will I let him get away with this. Of course, I still only had very circumstantial evidence on Storm.

Storm lunges at me putting me in a bear hug. “I’ll crush the air out of your lungs!” he tells me. “I will tell the world you threatened me with blackmail!”

Now that Storm thought he had the upper hand on me, in his arrogance I could probably get him to admit his wrong doing. After all politicians and criminals both love to brag and Storm was both.

Zach, Elena has found Finch and she is angry. She will be teleporting down any minute!” HARV informs me.

Zach I can’t stand by any longer. I’m going to come out there now a put a mental beating on that arrogant Storm!” Merinda thinks at me.

Okay, now this could complicate matters. While having either Elena or Merinda on my side could be quite the asset, I was afraid if they both tried to help they might end up at each other’s throats… Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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