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In the previous episode, Vera discovers she’s supposed to pretend to be the mother of an Asian girl.

Episode 14

Vera opened the folder to see a photograph of Drea. This was going to be a hard sell if Vera was supposed to pretend to be this girl’s mother. She was a beautiful Asian girl.

“Um. . .” said Vera.

“Her father is Korean,” said Ted, answering Vera’s question before she even asked it. “Our daughter loved him very much.”

“What happened? With the father?”

“Unfortunately, he took Polly’s death really hard and started getting into drugs.”

There was a bit of a silence following this statement, everyone acknowledging the father’s incarceration. Vera didn’t press the topic any further, instead changing the subject to something more positive.

“Well, I look forward to meeting Drea.” But to Vera, not so much becoming a mother to a teenager overnight.


Vera drove her car two and a half hours to Wildwood Summer Camp, the middle of nowhere, down a beaten dirt road that even Robert Frost wouldn’t have taken. She found herself at the main building, the student union area of the camp, where a slew of teenage girls and their mothers were gathering and mingling. The room was abuzz with chatter, as Vera’s eyes searched for her “daughter.” Even in her head, it didn’t sound right.

“Mom?” said a voice.

Vera turned to her right and saw what she recognized as Drea from the photographs.

“Hi, honey!” Vera said with forced maternal instinct. They gingerly embraced, like a mother/daughter relationship that was strained. Vera couldn’t help but recognize the heat from eyes in the room, narrowing on her like a laser beam.

“Come meet my bunkmates!” Drea grabbed Vera’s hand and took her to the center of the room.

Soon Vera was thrown in the middle of all these women and could feel her palms get sweaty. She realized how bad it was when she spotted Drea slide her hand against her pant leg.

“This is my mother—”

“Adele.” Vera held out her hand to everyone. Although she wasn’t sure any of these women would want to shake it and get a sweat shower.

“Like the singer?” said one girl.

“Uh. . .doi?” said Drea, dripping with sarcasm. “Like the singer, Brittany.”

Vera was taken aback by how mean this comment from Drea came off as. She knew Drea was joking, but she could tell by the look on Brittany’s face, by the way she pursed her lips and furrowed her brow, that it hurt.

Brittany’s mother turned to Vera. “I’m Charlotte.” Vera felt terrible that the daughter she didn’t raise could be so rude. “You’re here just in time for the big announcement.”

“What big announcement?”

“What we’re doing for the mother-daughter competition,” said a beautiful olive-skinned woman with the name tag “Cassandra,” her arm on the shoulder of her equally beautiful daughter named “Amelia.”

Just then, a tall blonde woman took the stage area, her hair giving her an added three inches in height. She grabbed a microphone and tapped it.

“Hello, everyone. So glad to have you here for mother-daughter weekend at Wildwood Camp. Without further adieu, we’ve decided what our big event’s gonna be.” Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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