Angels and Demons by Raelynn Hesh

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Previously… Luna reveals truth about Jasper and Marcel leaving Lucifer and Raphael shocked and confused.

Episode 13

Lucifer spent the next couple of days at home alone. Luna’s story had really bothered him and he still didn’t quiet understand how any of this had anything to do with him; he didn’t know Jasper or Marcela. The only thing they had in common was wanting to defeat God and rule Heaven. Knowing Raphael would know what to do, Lucifer gave him a call.

Raphael had been expecting Lucifer to call him all week so while waiting he had contacted a private investigator to find Jasper and Marcel. He was headed to see what they had found out when Lucifer called and asked him to come over. Instead of telling his boss what he was up to Raphael said he’d be there as soon as possible and hung up. As he walked in to talk to the detective, Raphael couldn’t help but feel a little worried, how were a bunch of humans suppose to track down an ark angel and his demon mistress? He took a seat at the desk and waited for Shawn to begin. The file he pulled out didn’t seem to have much in it, but trying to stay positive Raphael avoided saying anything and just listened.

Shawn began by shaking his head. “We didn’t find much,” he said. “Just an address for an apartment they’ve been renting and an old cell phone number. As far as we can tell no one has been to the apartment in months, and the cell phone just goes straight to voicemail. I’m sorry we couldn’t find more.”

“I guess some people just don’t want to be found,” Raphael said.

Feeling disappointed Raphael said goodbye and headed out to see Lucifer.

When Lucifer answered the door, he was surprised to see Raphael looking so down. In his hand he carried what looked to be a file folder. As he entered the house Raphael began explaining where he had been and what he had found. Though neither was very helpful, Lucifer could see his friend need a boost so he pretended, as though this was great news. He asked Raphael if he could find out who the landlord was and get the lease from them. Then, maybe they could get some fingerprints and see what the system knew about Jasper and Marcel. Raphael agreed and headed home for the night.

Halfway home Raphael got the feeling he was being followed. To be safe, he decided to take alleys the rest of the way home. He was a block from his house when a black van pulled up in front of him blocking his way. Someone jumped out of the van and knocked him out.

When Raphael woke up he found himself in an upscale loft apartment. The furniture looked to be brand new and when he walked into the kitchen to get a drink he found that the fridge and freezer were completely full too. It seemed to be a normal apartment except there were no windows and Raphael couldn’t find a door. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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