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Previously… In Vera’s latest assignment, her loanee is a high school-age girl.

Episode 13

Vera couldn’t believe her ears. Her next Loan Some assignment involved a kid?

“A kid?” she exclaimed to Bruce Kitchen over the phone. “How old?”

“Fifteen,” he said. “She’s at summer camp now, but her grandparents want to meet with you tomorrow to go over the details.”

“And what would those details be? Who will I be ‘playing’ in this assignment?”

“Her mother.”

After Vera hung up, she just stood in the kitchen, staring into space, while Greg continued to clean up from dinner.

“What’s going on?” he said.

“I just became the mother of a high-schooler.”


The next day, Vera ventured into Loan Some headquarters and was quickly ushered into the conference room by Bruce Kitchen. Sitting at the conference table was an attractive-looking couple, man and woman, probably in their mid to late ‘50s.

“This is Vera,” said Bruce to the couple.

“So nice to meet you,” the couple said in alternating greetings, standing briefly from their seats to shake hands with Vera.

“I’m going to let Shelley and Ted explain the situation,” said Bruce.

Shelley started. “Our granddaughter Drea is at summer camp right now, and she just recently wrote us a letter about mother-daughter weekend. Her mother passed away during childbirth. She’s always had a hard time fitting in and, well, just a hard time in general. Her father went to prison last year. She wrote that she wished she could feel normal even if it’s just for a weekend. And that’s where you come in.”

“Is she OK with this?” said Vera. “Does she know I’d be coming to this weekend event?”

“Yes, she knows,” Ted added. “Loan Some was actually her suggestion. One night while we were all at dinner at Market Street Place, Drea went to use the restroom and accidentally wandered into Loan Some headquarters.”

Vera had experienced similar confusion during her initial job interview with Bruce Kitchen, when she sat down at a table at the restaurant and was soon ordered to follow him to the basement.

“Well, I’d be happy to do this.” And Vera meant it. This sounded like an especially emotional assignment, and Vera liked these ones where she felt like she was actually helping people. “Can you tell me a little more about Drea?”

“She’s an old soul,” said Shelley. “A little rough around the edges, but has a good heart. She likes a lot of things her peers don’t appreciate, which is probably why she has trouble fitting in sometimes.”

“Overall, she’s a great kid,” continued Ted. “We know that and we just want her to give her one normal experience like this one.”

Although, Vera couldn’t help but think that hiring someone to pretend to be your mother was anything but a normal experience.

Bruce Kitchen threw a folder down on the conference table. “Here are some photographs, interests, more stuff.”

Vera opened the folder to see a photograph of Drea. This was going to be a hard sell if Vera was supposed to pretend to be this girl’s mother. They looked nothing alike. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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