Angels and Demons by Raelynn Hesh

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Previously… After a female body is discovered near the old movie theater, Raphael gets to work figuring out whether it’s Jayde. Later he makes plans to meet Luna for dinner hoping to have some of his questions answered.

Episode 12

The next night Raphael met Luna for dinner at nine o’clock. He wore grey slacks and a deep blue t-shirt. When Luna showed up ten minutes later he stood up and pulled out her chair for her, wanting to make sure things started off well. They ordered a bottle of Merlot to start, and then Raphael started the conversation by asking about the bottle Lucifer had been given. 

Luna explained that it was a spell that would give Lucifer back the memories Salem had taken. Raphael began to wonder why anyone would want a demon leader running around Beverley Hills looking for a woman he barely even knew, but felt obligated to find. Luna decided it was time she revealed the secret she’d been keeping for all these years. The truth of what really happened the night Lucifer tried to take the throne from God and was defeated and sent to Earth. Luna asked Raphael to call Lucifer and ask him to join them.

When Lucifer had received Raphael’s call he had been confused as to why Raphael and Luna were having dinner let alone why they had wanted him to join them. Nonetheless, he had agreed and called his driver to pick him up. Twenty minutes later he walked in and joined the two of them at their table. Not knowing what to expect he waited for one of them to explain.

Luna didn’t quite know where to begin so she started with explaining who Jasper and Marcel were. Jasper was once a very loyal servant to God. He did everything that was asked of him and never complained. When he was little his mother had taught him that no one was as great as God and that if Jasper was loyal and kind God would love him and he would be important. So every day Jasper helped God with everything he could from choosing the good from the bad to running errands and inspiring the other angels.

Then one day a human girl died and her soul was sent to Heaven. She was more beautiful then all the others and as kind and gentle as a lamb. It was love at first sight for Jasper, but God could see beyond her beauty for though she was kind and gentle she was also selfish and blinded by her own self satisfaction. She had never done anything cruel to anyone but she had never gone out of her way to help anyone. This made her unworthy to enter Heaven so God sent her to Hell. This angered Jasper so much he started questioning everything his mother had taught him. How was he supposed to love God when God only cared about himself? Couldn’t he see how much Jasper had wanted Marcel to stay in Heaven? Why did God get to decide the other angels get a say? The more he thought the angrier he became.

On Jasper’s next trip to Hell to deliver a message from God, he saw Marcel. She was sitting alone crying. The anger inside Jasper rose to the surface and he decided he would save Marcel if it were the last thing he did. The night the fight broke out between God and Lucifer, Jasper saw his chance and while the portal to Heaven and Hell were linked with Earth he went through to Hell and grabbed Marcel. But, on his way back to Heaven there was a flash of light and the portals closed leaving him and Marcel trapped on Earth. When Luna finished her story both Lucifer and Raphael were shocked. Lucifer felt badly for Jasper, he understood wanting to please someone and then feeling betrayed by them. What he didn’t get was what that had to do with him. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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