Angels and Demons by Raelynn Hesh

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Previously… After finding a mystery bottle from his mystery woman Lucifer asks Raphael to track her down, and find out who she is. But, what he discovers is so weird he decides to keep it to himself.

Episode 11

Raphael took the bottle back to his house and hid it in one of the many hollowed books in his library. He then went to see the witches and find out what they knew about Jasper and Marcel. As he approached Luna’s house he saw Salem standing on the porch. Thinking this might not be the best time to interrupt, he kept walking and headed to his house. Once home he made a phone call to Lucifer to see how he was doing, then sat down to read the paper. As he opened to the front page he nearly fell out of his chair reading the headlines. A female body had been found near the old abandoned Movie Theater. Thinking it might be Jayde, he made arrangements to go to the morgue and see the body.

When Raphael arrived at the morgue he was dressed as a doctor. His plan was to tell the attendant that he was there to review the autopsy and look over the body. If that failed he would use his glamor to convince her instead. Fortunately, the woman didn’t seem to care much about her job and let him right in with out asking any questions.

As he entered the back room he saw aluminum tables and jars full of organs but no bodies. He pulled out the bodies in the refrigerators one by one checking the tags for the girl they found at the Movie Theater. She wasn’t there; there were three men, and an old woman who looked like she’d been scared to death. But, the girl in the paper was nowhere to be found. Confused Raphael checked the files on today’s bodies, and found that due to the investigation the body had been moved to a high level facility less likely to make mistakes. Feeling disappointed Raphael wrote down the address and left.

Later that night when only the security guard was still at the morgue, Raphael used his glamor to access the facility and went about locating the body. When he found it, it was in such bad shape that he couldn’t be sure if it was Jayde. He collected her fingerprints and DNA. Took a picture with his phone and then covered her back up. After putting the body safely back inside the refrigeration unit, Raphael pulled out her file and read through the report. He made copies, put everything back where he found it and let himself out.

Raphael went to the demon lab, gave everything he had gathered to the physicians on duty and told them to call as soon as they had any information. He stopped back by Luna’s to see if she was free for dinner. He thought maybe it would help her to relax if they were in a public place, since witches weren’t very trust worthy of demons.

He arrived at Luna’s around six, knocked on her door and waited for her to answer. When Luna answered the door she seemed to be in high spirits and agreed to dinner. They made plans to meet the next night at the local steakhouse on Washington St. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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