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In the previous episode, we left you wondering whether Vera would have another assignment with Loan Some.

Episode 11

“Never in my years of experience have I encountered someone so careless with their work.”

Vera stood in Kurt McCaslin’s office, listening to the boss rant at her. The man’s voice hovered somewhere between a whisper and whimper, until he eventually found his deeper and confrontational “angry” voice.

“Pack up your desk,” he said. “You’re fired.”

Vera exited the office that consisted of glass windows, allowing everyone in their cubicles to eye the scene that had just taken place. The faces of everyone in the spread looked like something out of Edvard Munch’s “The Scream.” They’d never seen McCaslin like this. Vera went straight to her desk and packed up her stuff.

“Sorry,” said her cubicle mate, Tara. “Didn’t realize Kurt was such a hard ass.”

In the parking lot, as Vera took her box of stuff to her car. Kurt met up with her, looking around to make sure no one spotted his appearance.

“That went so well!” he said, his voice returning to its meek demeanor as he wiped sweat from his brow. He handed her an envelope.

Vera put her box on the trunk of her car and opened the envelope: a cool $1,000. Not bad for two weeks of shoddy work in an effort to make the boss look more assertive to his inferiors.

“No problem,” she said. Then, her phone buzzed. Betsey was in town to see her. Since meeting on a Loan Some assignment, Vera had reunited with her estranged mother, who had left when Vera was a baby.

“I have to go, Kurt,” said Vera. “My mother’s coming for dinner. It was a pleasure.”

“Same here! Things will be different from now on.” Kurt turned around to stroll back into the office building, with a bit of a strut in his step. He said, “Hey there, Jack!” to the mailman. The mailman responded with, “Fly’s down, Kurt.”

Vera arrived at her house, just as her mother was pulling up next to her in the driveway. They both got out of their cars and gingerly hugged, like two people that should know each other but don’t. Clad in sunglasses, Betsey was dressed in a pink dress, with a pink coat draped over her shoulders. She looked like an audience member during fashion week.

Betsey looked to a third car in the driveway. “Do you have two cars?”

“No,” said Vera. “Greg’s here cooking dinner.” Greg was Vera’s boyfriend whom she’d also met on a Loan Some assignment.

Vera opened the door to her modest house and the sweet smell of gazpacho and rosemary permeated the air. Greg appeared, with an apron and a smile.

“Nice to meet you, Betsey,” he said, holding out his hand. “Come sit down.” Greg ushered her into the dining area, where the dinner table was set. Betsey had a seat.

“Let me help,” said Vera.

Vera brought in the pot of gazpacho and ladled each bowl with cold soup, before setting it down on the table and taking her seat.

“This is really nice,” she said.

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