Loan Some by Megan McLachlan

Loan Some front pageVote at the end of this episode! Previously, in an attempt to fend off Brackaden’s army of Fire Sprites, people turned up with fire extinguishers. As Clood comes to realize their effort won’t be enough to stop them all, readers voted that the heightened emotions coming from the gathered public wear down the Chaos Demons.

Episode 11 Far from trying to use the creatures for their own ends, the race of man had rallied to their aid and was willing to fight beings of living flame to help, many of them sustaining horrible burns. A dark gray mass drifted in my direction, one of the Chaos Demons. I put myself in front of Trewana. It was like a concentrated cloud of smoke and it almost looked as if it was fading. It had an expressionless face, more of an impression in the smoke that looked at me as it got fainter. I looked at Trewana with a puzzled expression on my face. She just smiled at me, “It is the humans, Nathan Clood, their love and friendship for us makes these things fade.” “You knew all along people would help you?” She actually blushed, nodding as she gave her answer. “Yes, Nathan Clood, I knew as this land would not allow anyone with dark intent to enter.” Her face changed as if she’d been stabbed, “The Sitalolaquan!” she squeaked in a pained voice. *** “Brackaden!” Trewana screamed. I caught sight of movement inside the flames and realized he was doing something to his mother. Trewana came back to her senses and started to move her arms, making roots leap and bunch under the soil. A tunnel of earth and tree roots lifted the curtain of fire, letting us through. It looked to me like he was trying to reach into the green light that surrounded his mother. I knew if he managed to use that power, we were all finished. I looked at Trewana, seeing the look of terror that she wore. I would have given anything to relieve that expression and I turned to look at her brother. “Brackaden!” I roared at the leader of the Fire Sprites, his face turned as if in slow motion towards me, “You want the Sitalolaquan? Then fucking have it!” “NO!” I heard Trewana scream as I sprinted towards the towering, flame-filled creature. I knew this was going to hurt when I felt the heat coming from him. I crashed into Brackaden, shoving him bodily into his mother. Pain lanced up through my hands, arms and face. Blisters bubbled up on my skin, the flesh and even bones burning away in the intense heat his body gave off. I’d managed to push him off balance and he crashed straight into his mother, knocking her out of her imprisonment in the green light. In her place, secured for eternity, Brackaden peered hatefully out at us. “Trewana?” a confused voice asked. I moaned through the searing agony that slammed through my body as Trewana and her mother hugged. “Nate,” Trewana said gently as she came over to me, “You did it.” Trewana’s mother knelt beside me and laid a cool hand on my burned face, dulling the pain. Trewana touched my scorched arm and the same thing happened. I smiled up at her, losing myself in her eyes. “You called me Nate.” I said. The End < Previous Episode

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