Angels and Demons by Raelynn Hesh

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Previously, after Lucifer’s mystery woman takes off without saying good-bye, He heads home to find a bottle that she has left behind.

Episode 10

Lucifer set the bottle down and rolled over to go to sleep. In the morning he woke up and there it was staring at him. As he got ready for work he wondered what truth the bottle held. So on his morning break he called Marcel. When Marcel didn’t answer Lucifer decided to take the rest of the day off to see her.

Having no idea where to find her, Lucifer returned to the restaurant where they were the night before. He talked to the bartender who told him that Marcel sneaked out through the back twenty minutes before Lucifer, and left in a black unmarked car. This sounded like a police car but what would Marcel be doing in a police car? Lucifer decided the next step would be to go to the station and talk to someone who had worked last night. Lucifer called Raphael and asked him to check into it.

Raphael headed down to the station and as he was about to walk in he received a picture message from Lucifer of the women he was looking for. After showing the picture to every detective on duty and getting no where, Raphael decided to return later when the cops switched shifts.


Meanwhile, Lucifer had gone home to see if there were any clues left on the bottle, Maybe there was a finger print or some DNA that the cops could use to find Marcel for him. Careful not to touch it too much, Lucifer packed up the bottle and asked Raphael to take it to forensics for testing. At the lab, Raphael paid extra for them to rush the test. He waited patiently as they worked and when they came back with the results, Raphael took what they found to a private lab where it was run through a demon data base to find out who Marcel was and who she was working for. It didn’t take more than a few minutes after they started their search to discover that Marcel was the wife of an upper level demon named Jasper who loved watching humans suffer. If Raphael had to guess, this was probably the demon the witches had been afraid of. What Raphael didn’t understand was why? Sure Jasper was powerful but not nearly as powerful as Lucifer.

With this information, Raphael headed back to Lucifer to tell him what he had found and what he wanted to do next. As Raphael told Lucifer about Jasper he could see his boss becoming more and more confused, but what Raphael knew that Lucifer didn’t was that Jasper and Marcel wanted him to remember Jayde for a reason and it would be best if Lucifer didn’t fall victim to their trap. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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