Angels and Demons by Raelynn Hesh

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Previously, ignoring the witches warning, Lucifer sends his men to rescue Jayde hours too late with only a computer and camera left to find.

Episode 9

The next day when Raphael went to see Lucifer he was shocked to see his boss looking so happy and cheerful. When he asked why he was so happy, his boss responded simply, “Why not?”” When Raphael mentioned Jayde, Lucifer looked confused as if he didn’t remember anything that had happened the last few weeks. Concerned, Raphael called on Luna for advice. Luna came over and examined Lucifer. She was shocked to find that he had been the victim of a powerful memory stripping spell. As soon as the exam was over she sent Lucifer off to work, so she could talk to Raphael alone.

“There’s only one person who could have done magic like this,” Luna said. “Who?” asked Raphael. “Salem,” Luna replied. Luna called Salem and asked her to come to the house. When Luna asked her about the memory spell Salem confessed to putting the potion in Lucifer’s water the night before. She was afraid that whatever Luna had seen was too powerful for even Lucifer and figured the best way to get him to give up on Jayde was to make him forget she had ever existed. Although Raphael was furious, Luna felt a sense of pride toward the girl. She only wished Salem had felt comfortable sharing her plans with her.

After Raphael had sent both the girls home he went to find out if the camera and computer held any leads. Raphael met his friend Ty at a local cafe, not wanting to look suspicious they sat and had coffee as they quietly discussed what Ty had found. Unfortunately, the entire hard drive had been wiped clean and the only pictures left on the camera were those of downtown buildings and local flower gardens. It was as if the kidnappers were enjoying the chase.

When Lucifer returned home from work he called an escort service to find a date. He decided a good day deserved a great night and after showering and changing his clothes he went to meet his date at a local diner. As he walked in and gave his name to the host he searched the room. He liked to try and find his date before he was seated. The host led him to his table and waiting for him was not the usual escort. This girl had brownish read hair, dark green eyes, and was dressed casually. When he held out his hand to introduce himself she smiled and said her name was Marcel. She spoke with an Irish accent and looked longingly at him. After a meal consisting of salad, steak, and southern greens, Lucifer’s favorite meal, Marcel excused herself to go to the ladies room and never came back.

Tired and alone Lucifer called a car service to pick him up. As he climbed in his bed, a bottle on his nightstand caught his eye and when he picked it up a not dangled from the neck. It simply said if you want to know the truth drink. -Marcel. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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