Down in the Dark Woods by Gavin Ough

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Previously, Trewana demonstrated the nature of her power by trapping a would be attacker in a tree. Clood was hit with sudden inspiration and comes up with an idea. Readers voted for him to suggest the water Dryads show the world what is coming using Kielder Water.

Episode 19

I managed to make my way over and whisper urgently in Trewana’s pink ear. Her eyes widened as she felt the warmth of my breath on her neck but nodded.

At her command, two pale blue, feminine Water Dryads approached the altered shore of Kielder Water and knelt, plunging their hands into the greenish water.

“Friends!” Trewana called, “This is who and what threatens us all.” She pointed to the lake that was bunching up, like a folded cloth, between the hands of the Water Dryads.

Rising from the surface of the water as if picked up by a divine hand, a sheet of the lake rose to form a smooth surface at least ten feet high.

Shimmering images appeared across the surface as if someone was trying to tune in a TV, resolving themselves into moving figures of flame – Brackaden and his army of sprites.

Gasps and shouts erupted from the gathered crowd from the moment the dryads raised the water, but these fell silent as the Fire Sprites and Chaos Demons were revealed.

Destroying anything in their wake, the army of living flames crawled across the landscape igniting trees and leaving a blackened waste behind them.

“Their leader is called Brackaden,” Trewana announced. “Currently, he is confined in our lands but once he has destroyed us, he will move to take your lands.” A murmur ran through the crowd.

Another idea seemed to jump into my brain and I sprinted across to one of the numerous camera crews, shoving the startled woman on camera aside.


Within three days, we had all relocated to the Sitalolaquan and I found myself facing the eerie visage of the statue bathed in the green light.

Hundreds of people had joined us.

My plea on national TV had generated such a response I was overwhelmed. People believed us and were willing to help.

I had drawn up the most basic of plans to combat the fire sprites and delegated various units to different areas around the Earth’s power source.

Pride swelled in my chest as I saw ordinary people, volunteers, face an army of flames, which burned at such a temperature some of the trees actually exploded.

A group of Fire Sprites emerged, roaring as they saw the lines of humans and the unlikely weapons they held.

Each group, led by a member of the Fire Brigade, held a different colored cylinder and as one, they let fly with the various contents of each fire extinguisher, aiming at the advancing Sprites.

One man jammed the tapered end of his blue fire extinguisher in between the ‘ribs’ of one of the sprites and filled its chest cavity with dry powder.

It paused as if puzzled as to what was happening, before collapsing to the floor all trace of flame gone.

A ragged cheer went up from the various people who carried on bravely shooting the Fire Sprites with fire extinguishers.

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