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Previously, the classmates at the reunion decide the best way for Cole and Greg to settle their argument is through arm wrestling.

Episode 9

“There’s only one way to decide this,” said Milwaukee Joe, who inserted himself into the argument. “The way we always settled things in high school.”

The noise in the room came to a deafening halt. The classmates collectively took on a look that was stone-serious. Suddenly, for Vera, the ending to Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” came to mind. She looked around to make sure no one had any rocks.

Then, as quickly as it had quieted down, the dynamic in the room changed again. Everyone shouted, “Arm wrestling!”

Arm wrestling?

Before Vera could even ponder what was going on, some of the classmates had taken the table from the welcome area and brought it into the gymnasium. At first, Greg and Cole looked bewildered by all of the action around them.

“Why can’t you just use one of the tables in the gym?” said Vera. There were tables everywhere, where people were eating and drinking. After she posed this question, she paused for a moment to acknowledge she was supporting this superfluous match.

“They aren’t regulation sized,” said Milwaukee Joe. “We need a basic folding table.”

“Don’t tell me you two are really going to do this?” Vera looked to Greg for some sensibility.

“I mean,” he said. “This is what we always did in high school.” He loosened his necktie and uncuffed the right arm of his shirt, folding it up around his elbow. “It’s kind of fun.”

Vera was just thrilled to see that their argument about what she should do with her life had devolved into an arm wrestling match that was “kind of fun.”

She never thought she’d do this, but she turned to Cole for some semblance of sanity. But when she looked to him, he had his necktie hanging around his head, with his reunion date rubbing his shoulders in preparation for the match.

“Cole? Really?”

His face softened.

“At my school, we settled conflicts with tractor races,” he said. “This is much cooler.”

Milwaukee Joe took the reins as the official arm wrestling referee. He forced Cole and Greg to shake hands before they sat down at the table. The entire room was focused on this event. Even the bartenders had come over to witness the commotion.

With Cole and Greg sitting directly across from each other, fists intertwined, Milwaukee Joe leveled both their hands before declaring, “Game on!” The gymnasium burst into hysterics.

Vera figured it wouldn’t be much of a fight. Greg was too nice to ever win an arm wrestling match. But as it turned out, he appeared to be pretty tough. In the 180-degree angle movement of the arms, Greg was pushing a solid 120 degrees toward pinning Cole. But then a surge of crowd empowerment and cheering caused the momentum to sway in Cole’s direction, with her Loan Some colleague close to ending the match.

It went back and forth like this for 10 minutes, with the room reverberating from all the screaming and yelling. Then, suddenly, one final push pinned an arm to the table. It was over.

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