Angels and Demons by Raelynn Hesh

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Previously, Lucifer turns to the witches to help him find Jayde. Being frightened by what they see ahead, they warn him against going through with his plans.

Episode 8

Though he was warned of the severe consequences that would come from saving Jayde, Lucifer blamed himself for involving her in all of this. After demanding the location he set to work preparing his plan. Raphael could read minds so Lucifer sent him with Belial and Asmodeus. Raphael would read the minds of the people holding Jayde while Belial went to work distracting the guards with her beauty and charm. Then while everyone was busy Asmodeus would sneak in and grab Jayde.

As they got in the car to leave Raphael looked back at his boss. Lucifer nodded and they were off ready to fight to the death to save Jayde if that is what pleased Lucifer. When they arrived at the location they found an empty warehouse that had been abandoned and there seemed to be no one around for miles. There were fresh tire tracks leading away from the building but not a single person in site. Confused, Raphael called Lucifer to see if he had any ideas as to what was going on.

“What do you mean there’s no one there? The witches said that was Jayde’s location. Look around and see if anything was left behind then get here quick.”

With that Lucifer hung up glaring at Luna. “You lied to me. You knew she wasn’t there anymore. Where is she?” Luna began, “You knew the risk was great and yet you had to save the girl. I won’t be a part of helping you destroy this world. If you want to save her you will do it alone.”

Lucifer was angry but he knew that threatening the witches would get him nowhere. He went back to his house and waited for Raphael to return.

Raphael arrived at Lucifer’s with some good and bad news. The good news was that after a quick trip into the warehouse they had recovered the computer and camera used to produce the video of Jayde. The bad news was that they were unsure whether or not there was anything useful still on the devices. Hopefully, they would have some news on that soon. In the meantime Raphael was going to head over to Gusion’s cave and look for clues to the witch’s warning.

Raphael waited till nightfall the next evening to go to Gusion’s cave. He hadn’t told anyone he was going and didn’t want anyone trying to follow him. As he walked in he was shocked to see that everything looked normal. There was no blood on the walls, everything had been cleaned up and put away as if nothing had been disturbed. Not sure what to do Raphael left and pretended he had never even gone. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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