Angels and Demons by Raelynn Hesh

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Previously, Lucifer asks Raphael to use his hacker skills to track the live feed on the computer to try and find Jayde’s kidnappers. This fails when the kidnappers take down the feed and send a threatening message warning Lucifer against trying to find them.

Episode 6

Afraid of what might happen if he didn’t follow instructions, Lucifer told Raphael to back off and let things cool down. Having only one more place to turn, Lucifer did the unthinkable and called the leader of the witches’ clan, Luna to arrange a meeting. When Luna answered the phone she seemed amused that Lucifer had called her. The lord of darkness seeking out the help of a witch. She could barely contain her humor. Once, he had laughed at the little power she and her clan had and now here he was begging for their help; how times had changed. She offered him a locator spell if he could provide an article that belonged to Jayde. They agreed to meet later that night at the witches alter in the graveyard on fourth street.

Lucifer sent his best friend Chris to collect some things from Jayde’s apartment hoping that because since he was mortal no one would suspect anything. Then he set about making a plan for after she was found.

Abaddon’s destructive habits would make a great distraction while the witches worked on locating Jayde and Belial’s beauty could lure away any guards that might be helping hold Jayde hostage. Then Lucifer would have Asmodeus go in for Jayde with Lilith standing by as back up in case someone failed to complete their task.

When Lucifer met Luna later that night he was shocked to see his “human” secretary Salem standing next to her along with another woman he didn’t recognize. Luna stepped forward and held out her hand for the brush Lucifer had brought. He figured since it had DNA in it, it would be the best thing to help locate her. Luna took it and laid it on a table in the middle of a salt made pentagram. The three girls then joined hands around the table forming a triangle and began to chant. As they chanted the pentagram ignited in green flames and the brush floated in midair above it. This continued until a gush of wind moved around them and blowing out the flames and bringing a calm around them. After a moment Luna came toward Lucifer and with her hand motioned for him to follow her to a house outside the gates of the graveyard.

Once inside Luna began to explain what they had seen and felt. She knew exactly where Jayde could be found but also that this was all part of a bigger plan in which Jayde was simply a pawn. She was a distraction to keep Lucifer busy while they set in motion a way to defeat God and take over Heaven. Lucifer was not the only one to be cast out of Heaven to live as like a mortal. Someone else had come too and they were angry. Though Luna couldn’t see faces and didn’t have names she could feel their rage and begged Lucifer not to go after Jayde. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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