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  1. Previously, Milwaukee Joe was about to announce to the class that Austin had hired a call girl as a date to the reunion (even if it wasn’t true).

Episode 8

“Guys, wait until you hear this!” Milwaukee Joe held out his arms for emphasis. He was about to reveal to the class that Austin had hired a call girl to go with him to the reunion (even if it wasn’t true).

Vera thought about tackling Milwaukee Joe, but she decided the best distraction would be another distraction.

“Joe,” she said. “You’re the father of my son.”

Milwaukee Joe and his gangly gang of cronies all slowly turned around, their faces growing sober.

“What?” said Joe.

“You heard me. In high school. That one time. You probably don’t remember me, but guess what. You have a son.” Vera heard herself say it aloud and wanted to take a shower immediately.

The cronies hooted and hollered, patting Milwaukee Joe on the back. Vera found this to be a strange reaction to finding out you had a child you never met.

“That’s impossible,” said Joe, his face growing grim as friends tried to high-five him.

“Nah, not really,” said his buddy.

“Yeah,” said another buddy. “You bagged a lot of chicks in high school.”

The group started to argue and discuss further until Milwaukee Joe shushed them. “That kid ain’t mine.”

“How do you know?” Vera said.

“Yeah, how, Joe?” All of his friends wanted to know.


The room went quiet before Milwaukee Joe’s friends started to burst into uproarious laughter. Just then, Austin Byron walked in, watching the spectacle unfold.

Milwaukee Joe’s face looked injured. He had just humiliated himself, revealing his lothario high school reputation to be false. Then, spotting Austin, he recalled what he came in the room to do in the first place.

“What does this chick know anyway?” he said. “She’s a hooker hired by Vulva.”

Everyone turned to look at Austin and continued to roar in chuckles. Austin’s face fell.

“No, she’s not,” a voice said.

It was Greg Goodman, strolling into the gymnasium.

“She’s with me,” he said. “I didn’t have a date and didn’t want to show up alone, so I hired her.”

Milwaukee Joe’s face sobered again. This was not what he wanted to hear. “Really?”

“Yeah.” Greg forced a smile at Vera. She couldn’t believe he would come in and save her and Austin like that, especially after she had lied about her occupation for months.

“So. . .you can hire hookers for events like. . .reunions?” asked Joe. “How about, like, your brother’s wedding?”

Greg’s face grimaced. “I’m sure you can hire them for that, too. So, are we done here?”

Everyone shrugged their shoulders and went back to drinking and catching up on old times.

“I’m not done.” Suddenly, Cole approached Greg. “What’s this I hear about you wanting her to change jobs?” This changed the dynamic of the atmosphere again. Classmates started to ooh and ahh.

“I just think she might be happier in another role,” said Greg. “Less stress.”

Vera could hear people whispering behind her: Who’s that? I think that’s her pimp.

“There’s only one way to decide this,” said Milwaukee Joe, who had inserted himself into the argument. “The way we always settled things in high school.”Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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