Down in the Dark Woods by Gavin Ough

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Previously, Clood carries the injured Trewana towards the Sitaloloquan to discover what he thought was a statue is actually the Wood Nymph queen’s mother. Readers voted Trewana recovers as the light pulsing from the Sitaloloquan touches her.

Episode 17

My legs buckled as the pressure in my head got so bad I couldn’t see. Trewana dropped to the grass and rolled once to lay, as if dead, with one arm thrown out.

“Nate! Ye feckin eejit, it would have killed ye.” I coughed and laughed at the same time as I listened to the little fairy berate me.

I turned to see Trewana laying with her hand bathed in the lime green light flowing from the earth. And then flow down to engulf her entire form.

I held my breath to see what was going to happen. As soon as the green light suffused her entirely, Trewana’s eyes flicked open and her fingers twitched.

Her mother, who I’d thought was a statue, had an expression of pain mixed with longing plastered across her features.

With an obvious effort, Trewana rolled over and sat up. Puzzled, she looked around and realizing where she was, her eyes widened.

“What…?” Her voice was like music to my ears and I felt magnetically drawn to her, my body started to move forward without my direction until a strong hand clapped down on my shoulder.

“Wait here.” Dylath growled. A silly grin had wriggled across my face and it felt as if something I hadn’t known was there had unclenched in my chest.

Shakily Trewana got to her feet and stumbled across to where we all waited. Dylath and I caught her outstretched arms as she came out of the light, glancing back at her mother as she did so.


Incredibly, the nymph queen went from near death to full health in a few hours and almost immediately started giving instructions. I didn’t react well to what I assumed she planned to do.

“What’s going on?” My tone was quite harsh. Her eyes held mine.

“We must gain help from your people, Nathan Clood,” she told me. “I am preparing to uncloak this land.”

I shook my head. “It’s madness. People will come in here and take everything you have.” I started ranting, “They’ll cut down your trees, find a way to harness your magic, take awa…”

Her cool hand on my lips stopped my outburst dead. “They will not, Nathan Clood.” Her voice was gentle and light, almost soothing. I wanted none of it.

“Well, you might think that but I know different,” I told her, “And I’m not going to stick about here and watch you get screwed over. I’m leaving.” I wondered if that would make her see reason.

“REMAIN.” I’d only taken three steps when her order smashed through me, rooting me to the spot. I felt the color fall from my face with the power of her voice.

“Come with me.” I had no choice as I trailed behind her like a naughty toddler. Outside her tree it looked like every nymph and dryad had gathered.

Trewana raised her arms and everyone copied her, sending a wave of power surging out in a circle.

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