Down in the Dark Woods by Gavin Ough

Down in the Dark Woods by Gavin Ough

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Clood is shown a vision of the enemy coming for them all. In the water created by the Sprite he sees some gray clouds which seem to be alive. Readers voted he wanted to know what he was actually seeing in the water.

Episode 16

“The burning ones are the Fire Sprites, led by Brackaden,” The female Water Sprite told me, “The gray ones are Chaos demons.”

“What?” I cried, “Demons?”

“Chaos demons are formed from the pure hatred and rage humans direct at one another and the planet.” Dylath grumbled. I stared at him.

“We are weakened when trees are cut, when the water and soil is poisoned, even when you kill one another.” His head dropped in sadness.

All I could do then was shake my head, what could I do? I needed to talk to Trewana. Looking over, I saw the tree I had taken her into had yellowed leaves and looked sickly.

My first though was she had died. The little old healer had allowed me to pass without saying anything and my eyes rested on her still form as I entered.

How could she be even smaller? Paler?

“Trewana?” I whispered, taking her icy hand, “Can you hear me?” She lay on her side, keeping off the arrow wound.

“Nathan Clood.” It was less than a breath from her lips. “The Sitaloloquan.” That again!

“What about it?” I asked.

“Take me.” Could I? Would she survive being moved? After a few moments of indecision, I knew I had to trust her.

She gasped as I picked her up, a ragged sound of complete agony, but weak, so weakly made I thought I’d probably killed her.

“Help us.” I shouted outside, “Dylath.” In seconds we were surrounded by blue, green and brown faced figures, all with questions floating in their wide eyes.

“She told me to take her to this Sitaloloquan place you lot keep on about.”

Not one of them asked the questions I could see they wanted to; they just led me off into the trees with their injured queen in my arms.


My brain wouldn’t believe what I could see. In a ring of the freshest grass and flowers, stood a statue of Trewana. I looked down at the woman in my arms and back to the statue.

No, there were minute differences. But the similarity was overwhelming and I remembered Quercus telling me Trewana’s mother had become the Sitaloloquan. Could this be her?

The statue was ringed by a pale light that faded a few feet above its head. I walked across to it.

“Nate!” Quercus called, “It’ll kill ye.” None of the other creatures followed but I carried on. When my foot stepped on the fresh grass, I saw the statue’s eyes move to fix on mine.

Awesome fear gripped me. This was no statue, this was Trewana’s mother! Still alive and trapped here after thousands of years. I felt pressure and pain building in my head as she stared.

Then her eyes flicked to Trewana and her face shifted, I blinked, trying to stay standing. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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