Angels and Demons by Raelynn Hesh

Angels and Demons by Raelynn Hesh

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In the previous episode… Lucifer is taunted by the kidnappers while they hide behind their computer screens. Lucifer asks Raphael to use his hacking skills to find out where the kidnappers are.

Episode 6

Not able to get the signal back, Raphael calls Lucifer to tell him the bad news. The phone rang once then went straight to voicemail so he left a message. “Hey boss just thought I would let you know they’ve either blocked the signal so I can’t access it, or taken down the video so it can’t be traced. Either way I’ll keep an eye on the website, and if it comes back I’ll try and figure out where it’s coming from.” With that Raphael hung up and went about the rest of his day.


After letting his phone go to voice mail, knowing any call from Raphael this early could only be bad news, Lucifer waited for the voicemail icon to pop up on his screen and listened to the message. After hearing the message, he threw his phone and smashed it into pieces. Salem, Lucifer’s secretary came running in with a new phone, and hurried back out with the pieces of the old one. Salem walked back to her desk without a word to her boss. This kind of thing seemed to happen frequently so Salem kept an extra phone for moments like this when her boss lost control.

For a human, Salem asked few questions about her boss and his friends. She was always early to work, kept to herself, and knew exactly what Lucifer needed before he asked. Lucifer often wondered if there was more to her than what met the eye. When she applied for the job, Lucifer hadn’t been sure about hiring a human to work for him, especially with all the non-human activity going on.

Salem had applied for the job after seeing an ad in the paper. She didn’t have a lot of experience but she went in prepared to argue that she was perfect for the job. As it turned out, Lucifer seemed to like her and she was hired. She thought maybe her magic was finally coming back after all. She missed her bewitching power and the supernatural world.


Raphael had checked the website all day and there was still nothing. He decided to pay Lucifer a visit and make sure he was holding up alright. When he got there, Lucifer seemed distracted by something. Afraid to upset him, Raphael pretended not to notice though he was very concerned. He kept going on about the weather making small talk and anything to avoid talking about Jayde and Gusion. There was a knock at the door and Lucifer went to answer it. When he returned his face was pale and in his hand he carried a note written in blood.

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