Angels and Demons by Raelynn Hesh

Angels and Demons by Raelynn Hesh

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In the previous episode… After discovering none of his tricks work Lucifer decides to take Jayde on a date but nothing goes as planned.

Episode 4

While at work, Jayde couldn’t focus on anything. She found herself with a mixture of feelings, mostly nervous with anticipation, and wondered if Lucifer felt the same. She was just heading out the door when her phone rang. After answering she realized she should have let it go to voicemail because as it was a client she could not ignore. She hoped Lucifer wouldn’t be too upset. She had been looking forward to their date but now it seemed she would have to cancel.

After finishing up a few last minute tasks, Lucifer was off to meet Jayde for lunch. He found himself eager to learn more about this woman. He felt like taking an extra step to make things more personal so he drove himself rather than using his driver.

When Lucifer pulled up to the place they had agreed to meet, he didn’t see her so he assumed she was running late. This was completely understandable considering her line of work. Lucifer kept glancing at his watch and each time he grew more impatient. Lucifer wasn’t accustomed to waiting on anyone much less being stood up. After about twenty minutes and not a word from Jayde, Lucifer decided to head back to his office and dispatch a few of his minions to track her down.

On the way back to his office, Lucifer decided to check in with Gusion to see what progress he had made. Upon arrival, Lucifer immediately realized something was wrong. The cloaking that was normally up to keep outsiders away was down. As he proceeded inside he saw things had been riffled through. Gusion was nowhere to be found and blood was smeared on the wall leading down the hall. The longer Lucifer stayed the more concerned he became. Who was brave enough to attack Gusion and where had they taken him? He pondered all of this while he walked back to his car. He couldn’t make up his mind whether to tell the others. What if they were involved? In the end, he thought it better to keep it to himself until he could figure out who was behind it.

Lucifer drove back to his house, checked his voicemail and then went to bed. When he woke in the morning there was still no word from Jayde, so he decided to go to her office and check on her before work. He had just finished getting dressed and was about to head to the car when a text came through on his phone from a blocked number.


Looking at his watch he saw it was nearly nine thirty and knew he needed to hurry if he was going to make it. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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