Loan Some by Megan McLachlan

Loan Some by Megan McLachlan

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Vera spots her boyfriend Greg Goodman at the high school reunion. And he’s with a pretty blonde.

Episode 5

Greg was checking his phone outside of the school when a pretty blonde approached him from behind and gave him a hug. Vera was careful to note their physical contact as cordial and friendly. This could be a classmate he went to school with. In her head, Vera devised a story where the pretty blonde was married but couldn’t find a babysitter, so her husband had to stay home with the kids while she went to her reunion with her old school buddy, Greg.

On the other hand, the pretty blonde could also be someone Greg only recently started seeing. Her mind reeled.

Then, her phone buzzed. Austin. “I’m here.”

Vera got out of her car. As she walked toward the school, she discovered Austin walking in the same direction, their paths eventually finding each other naturally, appearing as if they had arrived together. Vera was impressed with how slick this process was. She felt like a Russian spy.

“You ready?” she said, once their walks had synchronized.

“I think so.” He looked expressionless, his face drained of any color.

“Let’s sell this.” She grabbed his hand. Although she felt a bit wrong holding another man’s hand when her boyfriend would be inside the building. On the other hand, her boyfriend was with another woman, so she supposed she shouldn’t feel that bad.

When they entered the school, Austin and Vera approached a committee of former students checking in alumni with name tags.

“Hello. Austin Byron and Dorothy Shauman.”

“Welcome back!” said a woman, who looked as if she recognized Austin but didn’t have much to say other than a generic greeting. “Austin and Dorothy. . .” Her voice trailed off as she searched through an envelope of stickers.

“Or Dot,” said Vera. She elbowed Austin flirtatiously. “No one calls me Dorothy, hun. Not even you.”

Austin’s face froze before slowly melting into a smile. “You’re right,” he said, searching for a lie. “I figured your mother would be pissed if she knew I had you out and about as anything other than ‘Dorothy,’ though.”

“True,” Vera rolled her eyes at the fake thought of her fake mother.

“Here you go,” said the woman, handing Austin the nametags.

As they adorned their nametags, Austin whispered to Vera, “Here we go.”

In the gymnasium where the reunion was held, the room was bustling. The chatting and reconnecting sounded like an ocean wave of conversation, and even though Vera had never concerned herself with such events in her real life, she felt her palms get sweaty as she entered the room.

“Wanna go to the bar?” said Vera.

“I thought you’d never ask.”

The line at the bar was pretty packed. Surely lots of former classmates needed liquid courage in order to revisit their past lives. In line, Austin searched the room anxiously, checking his watch, touching his face, and rubbing the back of his neck a lot.

“Relax,” said Vera.

Austin returned her sentiment with a sheepish grin.

Just then, there was some congestion in the line, and Austin and Vera bumped into the people in front of them.Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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