Down in the Dark Woods by Gavin Ough

Down in the Dark Woods by Gavin Ough

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Clood discovers what Brackaden wants and becomes friends with the Wood Nymph who threatened him earlier. Find out what Dylath tells Clood about their next move.

Episode 14

“That bastard Brackaden went for his mammy and little sister, burning them alive.” Quercus’ face twisted in what looked like hate and suffering mixed, “Trewana only just made it. Their mammy…well, Trewana’s queen now.” 

“What does he want though?” I wanted to know.

“The same feckin thing they all do,” she spat. “All the power, all the control. It’s yer typical, male, pissing competition.” I stayed quiet while the little fairy raged against men.

“With her last breath, the old queen put the last of herself into creating the Sitaloloquan, stopping him from getting to her.” I was completely baffled.

“Getting to her?”

“Yeah, Nate, her final act as queen was to become the Sitaloloquan.” Still made no sense to me.


“Come. Eat.” The two best, shortest, sentences I’d heard for a couple of days and surprisingly, said to me by Mr. Angry-Nymph.

I had a bowl of…something slopped down in front of me and a wooden cup of… well, something else.

The porridge-like, gruel-like, soup was fairly filling but the cup had a pretty good beer in it so I spent more time on that.

“Not hungry?” he growled, eyebrows drooping in disapproval.

“It’s not that,” I explained. “It’s just I had boiled grass yesterday.” A deep growl came from his chest and I thought he was going to club me, when he started gurning like a fool.

Laughter rumbled up and exploded from his face, “Boiled grass!” He actually doubled over and held his belly like it hurt. Eventually calming himself he said, “I believe we had a less than auspicious initial meeting.”

Offering his hand he added, “I am Dylath.” I shook his hand and asked, “What’s going to happen now?”

Duluth’s face crumpled like old newspaper, “I thought you might have some ideas.”

I felt my own eyebrows shoot up. “Why me?”

“We are all eminently aware of the human penchant for war and destruction,” he rumbled at me.

“It was my belief you might reveal some new technique we could utilize.” I snorted. “I might have been a bit of a scrapper in the orphanage but I’ve never had a war against anyone. I’m a writer for God’s sake.”

His pale green features shifted in despair. “Unfortunately, it is a war in which we are engaged.” He looked at the ground. “And one, I fear, we cannot win.” Glancing back, he added, “We must convene a war council.”

Trapped flame flickered as we all sat around the pit. Pools of glinting blackness hid their eyes as they looked around the circle. Ten beings of all shapes and sizes had come at Dylath’s call.

“Brackaden is coming.” Dylath’s opening words were met with frantic whispers. ”We are in dire need of a plan.” He paused and looked at me, “Can any of you here gathered offer any advice?” Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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