Angels and Demons by Raelynn Hesh

Angels and Demons by Raelynn Hesh

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In the previous episode… After realizing he wouldn’t be able to use his minions to learn about Jayde, Lucifer sets out to do things the old fashion way and takes her on a date.

Episode 3

The dinner Lucifer thought was going to go smoothly was not. Jayde seemed distracted by something, but for the life of him he couldn’t figure out what. He had ordered a bottle of wine in hopes of getting her to relax enough for her guard to come down but it didn’t seem to be helping. It was almost as if she was immune to the alcohol.

He learned that her parents passed away at an early age due to a horrible car accident, after which she had gone to live with her aunt. But the thing that really caught his attention was that she seemed to be a bit obsessed with her religion.

Lucifer thought this could be the reason Gusion couldn’t read her mind. Maybe, just maybe she has one those pesky guardian angels. If that was the case he could simply find someone to distract it long enough for Gusion to see who Jayde really was. As he was making a note to check into this, dessert was served. Before they could take the first bite Jayde’s phone started ringing and she excused herself.

When she came back she was rambling about an emergency and with that she was gone. After she left, Lucifer decided to have his driver pick him up and take him to see Gusion. After all, getting inside Jayde’s head was his main priority.

Lucifer walked through the cave near the fire where Gusion was sitting. “What brings you here so late?” asked Gusion.

“I think I’ve discovered the real reason you can’t see inside Jayde’s mind.”

“Oh and what would that be?”

“I believe she has a guardian angel looking after her.”

“That could very well be it,” said Gusion. “How would you like me to handle it?”

“Just find someone to distract it long enough to see what we need to see.”

“Very well, I’ll get someone on it immediately. In the mean while, maybe you could try taking her out again.”

It was nearly midnight when Lucifer finally got home. Knowing Jayde was probably asleep he decided to call and leave her a message. The phone rang twice and then to his surprise, Jayde answered. He asked how she was and if everything was ok. She said everything was fine now and that she was just headed home. He then asked if she would be interested in getting together again. To his surprise, she said yes and asked him to meet her at her office for lunch. He agreed and then hung up and got ready for bed.

The next morning as Jayde got ready for work she found herself nervous and excited about their lunch date. On one hand she found Lucifer to be a quiet, nice guy, but on the other hand she felt as though there was a lot more to him than he was willing to show. Rather than over think it, she got in her car and headed for work.

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