Down in the Dark Woods by Gavin Ough

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With Trewana gravely wounded, the assassin is caught and readers voted Clood grabs an arrow and threatens to jab it into her eye if she doesn’t tell him everything he wants to know.

Episode 12

As I looked down into her self-satisfied, smugly grinning face, my pain, rage and fear took hold of me. I grabbed one of her black feathered arrows and knelt over her, grasping the woolen cloak she wore.

“Who sent you?” I demanded. Her smile stayed the same although I saw her eyes flick to the arrow so I poked her cheek, just under her eye.

“Need your eyes to be able to kill people, eh?” I said sarcastically, “You tell me everything I want to know or I will blind you.”

The grin faltered and she swallowed hard when she looked closely into my eyes but stayed silent.

I slammed her back into the ground, my forearm across the top of her chest pinning her down. She tried to turn her head as I brought the arrow closer to her eye but it only turned so far and I put the point of her own arrow in the corner of her eye.

The tip must have touched her eyeball because she went still, fast.

“Who sent you?” I could feel the powerful presence of so many magical creatures pressing in on us, some of them willing her to speak, others willing me to stab her in the eye.

The creature underneath me held out until I started to twist the arrowhead, grinding it against her soft eyeball and the wet flesh containing it.

“Brackaden!” She squealed, “It was he who sent me.” A murmur ran through the crowd and I snapped my head up,

“Who’s that?” I asked the first face I saw. It was my best friend, the bulky wood nymph who’d threatened me earlier.

“He leads the fire sprites, human,” His deep voice replied with a little more respect than before, “Our enemies from long ago.”

“Like the one that attacked Trewana and me, burned my house down and killed my dog?” He nodded and the ache in my chest returned as I remembered Dax.

“Why?” I asked, turning my attention back to the woman I held down. When she said nothing, I pressed the arrow into her orb until I could see it dipping in, “I’m not playing games here.” I told her.

I could feel her breaths coming in short gasps as her chest heaved under my arm, sweat beaded on her forehead but still she stayed silent.

It is amazing how easily something can slide into an eyeball. I expected some kind of resistance but the arrowhead sliced cleanly through the sclera, cutting the lens and squirting clear jelly out to run down her nose.

She bucked and screamed in agony underneath me and I got up watching, sickened at what I’d just done, as she curled up into a fetal ball.

“He’s coming!” She screamed through the pain, “Coming for you! Coming to kill all of you!”

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