Angels and Demons by Raelynn Hesh

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In the previous episode… While out and about, Lucifer spots a beautiful girl and immediately sets out to win her over.

Episode 2

Nothing! What do you mean there’s nothing? You, the man who can see everything can now see nothing! How is that possible? Sorry boss, but there seems to be something blocking my vision, like a giant cloud blocking my view. I might be able to fix it but it will take sometime. Meanwhile, you could always try getting to know her the old fashion way. Very well. Since I now have no other choice I will arrange a date with her when I return.

Later, while in his office, Lucifer decided to call Jayde and ask her to dinner. He picked up the phone and dialed the number he got from a Google search. When he first heard her voice he was captivated. It was odd as he had never experienced this feeling before, but he guessed it was part of the human emotion. He explained how and why he tracked her down and where he had gotten her number.

Jayde seemed a little wary at first but eventually succumbed to Lucifer’s savvy charm. It was set. He succeeded in his task now to do a little homework with her likes and dislikes. He thought he must have her by his side regardless of cost. He sent his loyal friend Raphael to accomplish this. No one else would be able to get into her mind and find out all of her dark little secrets.

Lucifer had been expecting Raphael all day back at his office. When Raphael walked through the door Lucifer smirked. He asked, “What do you have for me today Raph?” Rapheal seemed puzzled as he thought for a moment. “Well,” said Lucifer getting irritated by his silence. Raphael smiled, “Well, she’s a bit of a dark one but should suit you just fine. There are some of her thoughts I could not read no matter how hard I tried. It seems she fought and clawed her way to her uptown job and office, stopping at nothing to get there. She is a single child and both of her parents are deceased. She has no living relatives that I can see but as far as all else goes, you should be good to go.”

Lucifer thought to himself that the rest should be easy. Still it seemed odd why Gusion’s vision was being blocked and from a mere mortal. Something or someone was preventing this and it intrigued Lucifer. I shall get to the bottom of this.

Lucifer gave his driver the address and they were on their way. When they pulled up Jayde was waiting outside for him Lucifer opened the door and gestured Jayde to climb in. Once inside, Lucifer began making small talk trying to pry into Jayde’s history. She seemed a bit quiet. He thought maybe a few drinks will loosen her up, and what could hurt a little motion of his hands, as she could become the open book he desired. Lucifer gave her a drink and began slowly seducing Jayde. Lucifer became puzzled, as it seemed nothing he tried would charm the beauty. He wondered why she was resisting him so much. Hopefully, after his date, Gusion would have some good news. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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