Angels and Demons by Raelynn Hesh

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Episode 1

Once my mother told me a story about the day God defeated Lucifer. She said there was a great battle and Lucifer challenged and betrayed God and was cast out into the darkness. She said it was in that chaos that the world formed.

The world of Vampires with nine leaders came to rise in darkness with Lucifer, each one with their own gifts and talents and a special place in the new world. Lucifer sat at the head with the knowledge of heaven their strengths and weaknesses and how he had failed in his attempt to overtake God’s kingdom. Raphael sits to the right of Lucifer for he has the power to read minds; his job is to decide who is truly loyal and trustworthy and who is not. Abaddon sits to the left of Lucifer; he feeds off death and destruction making him a worthy ally. In between the three of them sits Apollyon, an angel of death who collects souls for the dark side turning good people to bad; Asmodeus, an arch demon who loves Lucifer so much he will do anything to please him; Belial, a demon of deception who is more beautiful than words can describe, Gusion, who has the power to see the past, present and future and show it to other people; Lillith, whose job is to kidnap children for Lucifer; and Wormwood, a demon who can create and spread plagues. Their world links through a portal to Earth where they live quietly among humans feeding off their energy and souls.

Lucifer settled in Beverly Hills where he used his charm to become the wealthiest and most talked about man in town while feeding off the sins of those around him all the while seeking out potential mates for his family. It was on his way to work one day that he spotted her– a blonde haired, blue eyed up town lawyer named Jayde. As he walked past her on the way to get coffee, he got the first whiff of her jasmine scented perfume. It was at that moment when their eyes met that he knew she was the one. After purchasing his coffee and walking the three blocks back to his office, he sat about making phone calls to everyone who might know anything about this beautiful creature named Jayde. After a conversation with his secretary Salem, and a phone call to his friend Chris who promised to ask his wife, Lucifer knew nothing more than he had that morning at the coffee shop. He decided to take a trip to Hell on his lunch break and consult with Gusion to find out what he could about whom Jayde was and from where she had come. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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