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In the previous episode, Vera’s boyfriend Greg Goodman offered her a job with one, big catch: she’d have to physically destroy books.

Episode 2

‘And what catch would that be?”

Vera’s boyfriend Greg Goodman, owner of a profitable e-book company, had just offered her a job that held one yet-to-be-revealed caveat.

Greg hung his head, eyes raised sheepishly toward Vera. ‘You’d have to destroy books.”

‘Come again?” The thought of books in a fiery incinerator suddenly came to mind, making her blood steam like the hot tea sitting on their table.

‘We’re converting some of our old physical books strictly to e-books,” he continued. ‘You’d be reading these books. . .and then destroying them.”

Vera’s phone buzzed in her purse. She fumbled for it. There was a text from Cole: ‘Team meeting tomorrow morning.” She couldn’t even have dinner in peace with this lovely albeit misguided man (destroying books?) without being disrupted with work stuff. She sighed. Even if the proposed job description sounded terrible, in her heart, Vera knew Greg was only looking out for her.

‘Let me think about it,” she said.

‘OK,” he smiled a boyish grin. ‘Hey, so this weekend, do you want to—“

Vera’s phone buzzed again. Vera looked down at her phone. Cole again. ‘Bring donuts to meeting.”

Vera shook her head and then refocused on Greg. ‘I’m so sorry. What were you going to say?”

‘Nothing.” Greg pursed his lips into a forced smile and took a sip of his water.


‘We’re overbooked this weekend,” said Bruce Kitchen, CEO of Loan Some, at the morning meeting. Vera looked around the room and saw a slew of new faces, new loaners. Old, young, black, white—there truly were characters for every occasion. ‘Too many assignments, not enough loaners. Because of this, Cole has offered to fill in this weekend.”

Everyone shot their eyes to Bruce Kitchen’s nephew Cole, who was stuffing his face with a jelly-filled donut. He grinned, with powder around his mouth, and did a solemn finger wave.

‘With spring coming, we’re headed into our busy season,” continued Bruce. ‘Weddings, bachelor parties, reunions, and more. I just want to thank you all ahead of time for your hard work.”

Hard work? thought Vera. You just show up. Although, in Vera’s case, you occasionally meet your birth mother and thwart a kidnapping. All in a day’s work at Loan Some.

After the meeting adjourned, Cole came up to Vera.

‘Thanks for breakfast.”

‘I see you’re still working on it.” She wiped a bit of powder and donut from his face. ‘So. Your first assignment. What are you working this weekend?”

‘High school reunion.”

‘Weird. Me, too.”

‘I know. It’s the same reunion.”

Vera gave Cole a pained look and kicked her foot in obstinate bravado. She hated when they were on assignments together, mainly because that was when she got into trouble.

‘Don’t give me that look,” he said. ‘It just so happens that two Manchester High alumni contacted us independently. Must be something in the water out there.”

‘So who’s your loanee?”

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